Both A330 pilots asleep at the same time on unspecified UK airline

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    Time to avoid UK airlines as well as Air France? Customers should be fully informed as to which airlines' pilots are snoozing on the job.

    There have been at least three documented cases of A330/A340 planes' autopilots disengaging into what in Airbus jargon is called "alternate law", where the plane must be flown manually within specified parameters to keep it airborne. AF 447 crashed into the South Atlantic in such a situation when the second officers didn't follow procedures and the captain was snoozing. I rather doubt the odds improve much when all available pilots are snoozing.,

    UK Telegraph: Airline pilots asleep in the cockpit during long-haul flight (Sept 26 2013)

    The captain and his co-pilot on the packed 325-seat Airbus A330 had decided to take turns in having 20-minute naps during the journey on August 13. But less than two hours after take-off, both were reportedly asleep, leaving the plane cruising on autopilot with no-one to take control in the event of an emergency ... The watchdog has declined to name the airline concerned for fear of deterring other pilots from reporting problems. It confirmed the carrier was UK-based but would not say where the plane had departed from or where it was heading.

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