Both major party presidential candidates ignore civil liberties

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    While they crisscross the country mouthing each other’s platitudes, with only the smallest differences between them, neither Barack Obama nor Mitt Romney is paying the slightest heed to civil liberties. In fact, they’re trying to outdo each other in bragging about how they’re trampling on them.​
    From the president’s pushing for and signing into law the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act), which codifies indefinite detention American citizens, to his chillingly named “disposition matrix” (aka Kill List), which gives him carte blanche to kill whomever he wants, whenever he wants, with no oversight, to Romney’s embrace of torture, to both political parties’ approval of the increasing militarization of the police, to the fact that neither candidate has breathed a word about the TSA, VIPR, or any of the so-called security agencies out there, we can conclude that the current state of affairs vis-a-vis civil liberties is just fine with them.​
    John Whitehead of the Rutherford Institute has beed doing heroic work for years fighting for civil liberties, including working with Jonathan Corbett, who writes for TSA News and who himself has been battling the TSA.
    Recently, Whitehead published a column called “Looking Beyond Election Day: The Issues That Threaten to Derail the Nation,” in which he outlines the major categories of civil liberties violations that both candidates are ignoring.
    No matter who wins the presidential election tomorrow, don’t look for any redress of grievances in the coming years when it comes to your rights being tossed aside.
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