Brazillian loss

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    Brazil plane crash kills 16

    Posted July 13, 2011 22:42:38

    Map: Brazil
    A plane has crashed near the Brazilian city of Recife after reporting an onboard emergency, with all 16 people on board killed, rescue officials say.
    The Noar Linhas Aereas plane, which was bound for Natal, the capital and main city of Rio Grande do Norte in north-east Brazil, crashed within 10 minutes of taking off, authorities said.
    "The information from that our crews working at the site of the accident is that there are no survivors," said a spokesman for the Recife fire department.
    "It was a total human and material loss," said an aviation administration official.
    The aviation official said that the pilot reported an "emergency situation" aboard the aircraft to air traffic controllers and said he was going to attempt an emergency landing on a nearby beach shortly before crashing.

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