Buffalo Niagara TSA agent Todd Stoddard busted on cocaine charges [BUF]

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    Thanks to our new YouTube search feed for the heads up ...

    WIVB: TSA agent arrested over cocaine (June 7 2013)

    Authorities say 29-year-old Todd Stoddard was arrested Thursday night after a traffic stop on Vicksburg Avenue in the Town of Tonawanda. Sheriff Tim Howard says Stoddard was found with 20 grams of cocaine.

    "This happened to be a person in a very trusted employment," Sheriff Howard said.

    Stoddard, who's worked as an airport security officer for about two years, has been under investigation for a month. Authorities had him under surveillance, even during his work shift at the airport.
    But Sheriff Howard says authorities do not believe Stoddard used his TSA position in connection with any suspected drug activity.
  2. Except, I wonder how many times this cat busted somebody for a small amount of weed? Or took it off their hands as a favor for not turning them in to the cops? I wonder, I wonder.
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    Not trusted by me. He wears the blue TSA uniform, he earned the stain.
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    Another off to the pokey.

    Western NY TSA agent pleads guilty to drug sales

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