Bullets are safety net as 64 mentally-ill die at hands of US police

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    UK Independent: Bullets are safety net as 64 mentally-ill die at hands of US police

    ... He was one of 64 mentally-ill people who died after being shot with a gun or electroshock device by U.S. law enforcement this year, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. That's about three times the number police indicated in a 2009 Department of Justice survey, the last year for which statistics are available.

    At least 16 of the 64 had schizophrenia, were prone to violence and avoided taking medications. Some had been released from hospitals after stays families thought were too brief to be therapeutic. Mahoney spent 45 hours in a psychiatric center where he'd been confined for his own safety, discharged nine days before he died with a flare gun in his hand.


    The Justice Department ordered New Orleans police in 2011 and Seattle police in 2012 to take similar actions after wide- ranging probes of their departments. How officers deal with the mentally ill will be a necessary component of all future police investigations, Smith said.


    Only 10 percent of the nation's 25,000 police departments offer CIT or teach de-escalation techniques to deal with the mentally ill in crises, psychotic or otherwise, according to a University of Memphis study.

    That last point should be the fodder for a good number of lawsuits. If police kill the mentally ill because they have not been trained to deal with them properly, they have no business being on the streets with guns.
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    IQs of 80 and pinhead-sized souls have no business getting a badge and gun AND immunity.
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    Great detailed story, thanks to the UK press.
    The insurance/hospital industry has as much blood on its hands for these deaths.
    And Mahoney was released in 45 hours. That kind of "mental healthcare" + shoot-to-kill orders = exterminationcare.
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    I think you overestimate the average IQ of people holding badges and immunity. And I'm not sure many of them have souls at all...
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