Lawsuit Burbank Leader: Judge grants more time to woman in Bob Hope TSA dispute

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    Time flies -- it's been four years since this woman had problems with grannies' applesauce. I'm glad to hear that the criminal charges were dismissed, but if she expects any other satisfaction she really needs to get her thoughts "collected" and get on with with it. :rolleyes:

    Get those thoughts organized, Nadine!

    Burbank Leader: Judge grants more time to woman in Bob Hope TSA dispute

    A federal judge has warned a woman who tussled with a transportation security agent at Bob Hope Airport over her 93-year-old mother's applesauce that she must file an amended complaint.

    Nadine Hays of Camarillo has filed three motions — all of which have been opposed by her defendants — for more time to work on a second amended complaint against the Transportation Security Administration, Burbank Airport Police Department and the city of Burbank. She alleged in the first complaint, which was dismissed in May, that she was arrested in the 2009 incident based on a falsified police report and altered evidence.

    On Friday, U.S. District Court Judge Patrick Walsh granted Hays an extension until Oct. 10, but said he was “not inclined to grant any further continuances,” according to court records.
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    Grab some :popcorn: and pull up a chair!

    Burbank Leader: Bob Hope Airport applesauce case gets messier: Woman's civil rights complaint over 2009 tussle with TSA includes more than 60 defendants (Oct 22 2012)

    Despite an admonishment from U.S. District Court Judge Patrick Walsh that her “kitchen sink” approach was inappropriate, her latest amended complaint includes more than 60 defendants, even listing the United States itself, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the head of that agency, Janet Napolitano.

    Walsh has granted Hays numerous extensions in the matter, noting he was not inclined to give another one.

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