Bus drivers & other to become American Stasi informers

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Mike, Dec 7, 2012.

  1. Mike

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    Now school bus drivers and others can rat you out to law enforcement thanks to funding from TSA the American Stasi:

    School Transportation News-4 hours ago​
    First Observer, a national safety and security program funded by TSA to allow school bus and other commercial drivers to report suspicious activity to law ...

    Appears their server can't handle the load so I just pasted in the Google hit.

    Anyone who doubts the similarity between DHS/TSA and the East German Stasi (Ministerium für Staatssicherheit, literally Department of Homeland Security in English) really needs to read up on the Stasi or, better yet, tour the Stasi Museum in Berlin. Their informer network was the foundation of their existence.
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    Actually that article says the program was discontinued due to defunding. good riddance. like we need school bus drivers to have even more distractions than they already have.
  3. Mike

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    I stand corrected. I read that as "online".

    One small victory, at least temporarily!
  4. Mike

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    Unfortunately, it seems that it's not really good riddance.

    This web site is weird. I've never been able to access stnonline.com with a laptop & normal browser, but it works if I use my 'droid (unfortunately means I have to manually type the quote in my laptop).

    Here's what the site is saying today:

    School Transportation News: TSA 'Dedicated' to Continuing First Observer Training for Reporting Suspicious Activity

    While no time frame was given, the Transportation Security Administration's lead school bus representative said that the First Observer program will return once it is expanded to achieve greater national reach.

    Last month the federal contractor that managed the First Observer program for training student transportation professionals and others on reporting suspicious activities to law enforcement announced that federal funding had expired. STN previously reported that the programs website was scheduled to be taken down, but the site remained functional at this report.

    William Arrington, GM of TSA's Office of Highway and Motorcarrier, told School Transportation News that First Observer definitely will continue, but he did not provide a time frame as TSA was "between providers" as the program was being updated to expand its reach into new surface modes and to reflect changes made to TSA's organizational structure.

    This is the website being referred to above: http://www.firstobserver.com

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