Business Week: Don't Do TSA-Style Public Relations

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Mike, Dec 6, 2011.

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    We've seen the studies done in the late 90's for the airline security industry that detailed how unpopular these would be, that passengers would find such machines offensive and would not want to be touched by security agents. Those things were/are known. The truth is that those at the top did not care, but were determined to shove this down our throats.
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    Fisher1949, your quote was wonderful!
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    I just left a comment at that infuriating article.

    Yeah, he criticizes the TSA, but what's his solution? Better PR! That's just what we need -- more lying. Because we're not paying for enough of it already.
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    The irony here is that the Bush admin investigated installing the scanners as far back as 2004, but decided that the public wouldn't put up with it. My, my, how the worm has turned.
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    Baby steps. The Republocrat party realized that it would've been too much, too soon. Gee Dubya Shrub was already (rightly) under massive fire for other civil-liberties violations (Patriot Act, namely) and the nude-o-scopes would've sent red flags soaring sky-high from...well, almost everyone who was paying attention. So they wait until they have someone from "the other side" in office and then move on the scanner plans, figuring people will get pissed off about that, blame the left-side guy and then vote for someone from the right half again in the next election.

    I really wish the Greens (or the Libs, Pirates, or a few able Independents) would get their (expletive deleted) together, put on a serious campaign, and really rattle the Demoblicans' cages. It'd be a great time to try it, as we've had 2 presidents in a row whose approval ratings have been taking old-school Brooklyn beatdowns and they've been one R and one D. It's a prime opportunity for a third party to swoop in and gobble up votes from both left and right.
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    From the author in italics, with my comments:

    Along with the Interstate Highway System and our communications networks, the U.S. aviation infrastructure brings our vast country together and drives the commerce that makes us strong. This makes it a target—something we need to protect.

    So, you think the TSA should be involved in things other than commercial air travel? Since your article is about what the TSA should do, and this is in your first paragraph, it would seem so.

    Extraordinary amounts of money and effort have gone into airline safety since 9/11. <> Part of this apparatus is the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), which eliminated many of the existing weaknesses in the system and upgraded security across the board, including better screening of all checked luggage and cargo.

    The Government Accountability Office has concluded we are no safer now with the TSA conducting airport screening, than on 9/10/01, despite the alarming amount of money that has been spent. The events of 9/11 were not caused by inadequate screening procedures, but by cooperating with the hijackers and allowing them access to the cockpit.

    We owe the government our thanks for a job well done.

    We owe the government no such thing.

    While the TSA has kept us safe, some of its actions have appeared silly, unnecessarily violating our privacy and inconveniencing us.

    The TSA does not "keep us safe", and the continued resources that are wasted on things that are not a threat to commercial aviation is a serious danger. Are you not aware that Rep. John Mica has stated over and over again that the TSA's Red Team failure rates are "off the charts"?

    Consider the controversy during last winter’s holiday travel season over the use of so-called full-body scanners. The TSA intends for these scanners, now reportedly in use at 78 airports, to detect objects such as soft plastics that magnetometers can’t find. The technology clearly marks a step forward for safety.

    This technology does not detect explosives, cannot see into body cavities, violates the privacy of the traveling public, has valid health concerns, and was forced upon us by the political grift of people like Michael Chertoff. Other counties have found this technology ineffective and do not use it, so how come their planes aren't falling out of the sky?

    Since 9/11, not a single successful terrorist attack has occurred in the United States. The TSA gets little credit or respect.

    Why should they, since the TSA have not caught a terrorist?

    Instead of just hating the Transportation Security Administration, business travelers should learn from its public relations mistakes and apply the lessons to their own businesses.

    The problems with the TSA cannot be fixed by PR machinations. The TSA should stick to doing administrative searches for weapons, explosives, and incendiaries in commercial aviation. The methods used should be x-ray of belongings, hand held / walk through metal detectors, and Explosive Trace Detection / Explosive Trace Portals. Nothing more, nothing less.

    When the TSA decides to focus on actual security of commercial aviation, instead of security theatre, favorable public perception will naturally follow.

    I've sent the author the following email:

    Hello Mr. Sirkin,

    A number of people, including a former airline crew member such as myself that now travels for business, other airline employees, frequent fliers, etc. have been discussing your recent article Don't Do TSA-Style Public Relations. Perhaps you would like to join us with you comments.

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    N965VJ, did you send him this as an email? If so, bravo! Because I don't see a comment from you at the article.
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    The point-by-point analysis I had didn't really fit within the confines of the comment box. Besides, it would seem to me that somebody whose profession is public relations would be willing to engage and defend their viewpoint.
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    Yes. It's all about the baby steps. And interesting that the year 2004 comes up again and again. 2004 was the year of the breast and crotch exams. There was a huge public outcry. Huge enough that the TSA backed down. But maybe that was just a test drive for them. They overreached by two steps and backed down by one. Then when they overreach again by two steps, like with the body scanners of 2010, everyone says 'nothing new here, they were groping people back in 2004.' As if that somehow makes it okay. The backing down by one this time is that kids can keep their shoes on and the divide and conquer strategy of having special lines for special people.

    Lobbyists. Get rid of them all.

    I have a difficult time gauging how much support there would be for someone truly different. I'd love to see any of the parties you mentioned mount a serious campaign, but I don't know how that would fly. I guess it's all about baby steps as well.
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    Sometimes when comments are disagreeable, they'll just repost a story without them. However, TSA's problems and we, legion, will not go away.

    As for TSA blue-gloves going away,
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    Yep. I thought maybe it was just my screen, the page not loading properly, whatever, but all the comments that were there a few hours ago have disappeared. I just posted a new one, totally benign, simply asking what happened.

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