By the grace of God we have been saved from another Killer Afro [MIA]

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    Travelers Today: TSA Gives Beyonce's Sister, Solange Knowles, an Embarrassing Afro Pat Down

    Singer and DJ Solange Knowles, sister of Beyonce, had a pretty embarassing pat down by the Transportation Security Administration recently. Apparently her hair appeared to be a security threat. A TSA agent at a Florida airport demanded to search through her afro wig. on Wednesday.

    Beyonce's younger sister was going through security before boarding a flight out of Miami when a TSA agent asked her to take off her afro hairpiece so they could search it for banned items.

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    Regarding this potential 'Fro Bomb, TSA suckup Christina Han writes for NY Magazine ...

    NYMag: In Defense of the TSA’s Search of Solange’s ‘Fro

    Sure it's a major invasion of personal space — we feel bad for that 95-year-old lady who had to get her adult diaper checked — but these men and women are just doing their job. And, hey, one guy did actually have a bomb in his underwear recently. Not that Solange would ever wire up her 'fro. But if she's dressing to get noticed, we're glad the TSA is paying attention ...
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    Christina Han is a bonafide moron. Maybe she will enjoy TSA "doing their job" when she transits the checkpoint someday and rethink her stupidity.
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