California High School Principal Orders Student to Delete Video of Teacher Stealing

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    Linden High School Principal Richard Schmidig is accused of ordering a student to delete a video that shows a teacher rummaging through student’s belongings and possibly stealing items.

    A high school student in California who caught her gym teacher on video rummaging through student’s belongings, possibly stealing items, took the video to the principal in the hopes he would take action.
    Linden High School Principal Richard Schmidig assured her he would investigate.
    But then ordered her to delete the video.
    Fortunately, Justine Betti had the foresight to send the video to her father, which is apparently the only reason it survives today.
    The mainstream media, which broke the story, doesn’t bother going into details that explain whether or not the video was actually deleted nor did they even bother to name the principal.
    But they did confirm the gym teacher has been placed on leave and is being investigated by both the Linden School District and the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Department.
    According to News 10:
    Both cameras show her teacher going through backpacks, with one clearly showing what appears to be money being taken from a pink backpack.
    “I was like, oh my God, I can’t believe I got this on video and I couldn’t believe that I got it and I kept watching it over and over,” she said.
    Betti and several friends took the video to the principal.
    “He said that he’ll investigate it and he told us to delete the video but I had already sent it to my dad.​
    The student had hid in a locker with a camera and set up another camera in another locker after items kept going missing. She was surprised when it was her gym teacher who was caught stealing.
    The gym teacher’s sister told the media that her sister would never steal from students.
    Her sister said she was only going through their personal belongings without permission.

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