Can a fart crash a plane?

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    Newser's slogan is, "Read less, know more." With content like this, I can see how one might be tempted to read less ... The Newser article is accompanied by a video, which surely must be a gasser.

    Newser: Study Reveals Why Pilots' Farts Can Be Dangerous ...but passengers' are fine

    Need to pass gas on a plane? No worries—assuming you're a passenger, says an oddball new study. In fact, researchers encourage you to go right ahead: Pressure changes associated with flying do indeed make us more gassy, and holding it means potential indigestion and heartburn, AFP reports. If you're a pilot, however, you might want to think twice about letting one go. The "co-pilot may be affected by its odor, which ... reduces safety onboard the flight," the authors—five European gastroenterologists—say.


    Researchers also discovered a hidden benefit to sitting in economy class: The textile seat covers absorb up to half a fart's smell; first-class leather seats offer no such advantage.

    This apparently is the original AFP wire story ...

    Google / AFP: Experts tell flatulent flyers: let rip
    A group of medical specialists has provided an answer to a dilemma that has faced flyers since the Wright brothers took to the air in 1903 -- is it okay to fart mid-flight? The experts' recommendation is an emphatic yes to airline passengers -- but a warning to cockpit crews that breaking wind could distract the pilot and pose a safety risk.
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