Canadian Cops Seeking Obnoxious Woman who Attacked Camera-Wielding Protester

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  1. Canadian police are looking for a woman who attacked an animal rights activist outside a rodeo over the weekend.
    And it probably won’t take long to find the woman considering she was clearly caught on camera.
    The video has just over 300 page views at the moment, but it was just posted on the Huffington Post, so we can probably start counting the minutes until someone provides police with her name.
    The protester, who goes by the username Sexyshukie2, stated the following in the Youtube description:
    I was protesting the cloverdale rodeo may 18/13 and this lady did not like my sign. She called me racist names, spat on my face, then grabbed me by my hair punched me and kicked me. Cloverdale RCMP is looking for her for assault charges. Please identify her.​
    For now, we’ll call her Obnoxious Bitch.
    According to the Huffington Post:
    The person holding the camera told the RCMP that she was protesting animal cruelty at the rodeo when she got into a heated discussion with the woman in the video, who repeatedly urges the camerawoman to “Hit me, come on, hit me.”
    The woman in the video then says, “I’m so glad to have met a little shitskin like you.” The woman holding the camera then dares her to “Keep talking… Call me racist names.”
    The exchange carries on for approximately 50 seconds before the woman appears to lunge at the person holding the camera while exclaiming, “(expletive deleted) bitch!”
    The woman in the video has not yet been identified but police are still investigating the incident, Corporal Bert Paquet told The Huffington Post B.C.​
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