Cancer survivor feels violated by TSA at Kansas City International Airport

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Fisher1949, Oct 8, 2012.

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    Another woman who is just now getting it.
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    Why do most people only "get it" when it happens to them?

    Seriously, even many virulently anti-tsa folks are also anti-liberty. They're mostly just outraged that their dignity has been assailed, but incapable of sufficient empathy or reason to comprehend the harm that is done when other people's rights are trampled. Given that they don't understand Constitutional rights and become utterly blind with rage and a thirst for revenge when they've been trespassed against personally, I really don't give a rat's patootie about their histrionics.

    I'm sorry, but today I'm in an "Oh Boo Hoo!" mood. It's not that I don't care, it's that I'm annoyed so many people don't seem to care about human rights until they are assaulted. Then they want a huge national pity party thrown for theirs truly, but still don't really see the big picture.

    "Oh Boo Hoo! Go cry to your mommy Toots. I'm all out of patience with self-centered, cry-baby drama queens."

    I guess this woman's personal trauma and overt histrionics can be used to further the cause of liberty, but personally I find people who don't give a darn until it happens to them annoying.

    PS: If she honestly thinks a private grope would have alleviated her embarassment then she doesn't know the TSA thugs well enough yet. The fewer objective witnesses to the assault, the nastier the attack gets. This woman is darned lucky she didn't get that "private grope" she imagines would have been preferable.
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    Liz - I understand completely. It's one thing when personal violation acts as a wake-up call and shakes a person into realizing "Hey, we all have rights and they're being trampled! This is wrong, our priorities are out of whack!" It's quite another, though, when they still only give a damn about themselves. "Leave me alone, go grope someone else!" Uh, no, how about not groping anyone at all?
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  4. I don't know. To some extent I agree with you guys, but not everybody keeps daily track of TSA abuse like we do. I can't tell from the article how often this woman flies; perhaps this is one of the first times she's been through the scanner. The article says she went through the scanner "as usual," but it's unclear to me if that means she went through per "usual" procedure, or she went through like she always does. Or perhaps her scars have not been flagged in the past.

    When my mom was struggling with the prospect of running the TSA gauntlet to fly to visit us last year, she brought it up to the group of ladies she has lunch with. They were shocked that she would even consider not going to visit the grandkids. Nothing should get in the way of visiting the grandkids! When my mom started to explain her concerns about the TSA, these ladies were completely clueless. She said they didn't really even know what the TSA was. I guess they don't fly much, or follow the news. And these are feisty ladies, the type who would absolutely be on our side if they saw the full picture. It seems crazy to me, an internet junkie, that people could be this out of the loop, but sometimes I wish I didn't know about all of it, to be honest with you.

    Incidentally, my mom, an intelligent woman who values the Constitution, decided to go through the scanners, even the backscatter! She hates strangers touching her that much. She got sent through the WTMD in PHX, luckily, but went through the MMW in ANC and found the experience totally painless. She said she wouldn't mind doing it again. But interestingly, even as much as she's read about the TSA, intelligent woman even that she is, she told me she went through the "backscatter" in ANC. I had to correct her, it's an MMW here. This is a lot of strange and difficult stuff for people to keep straight, and I do have sympathy for the folks who are slow to catch up.

    The woman in this article asks a good question, too, which needs to be asked more often:

    A very good point. Touching them does nothing to "clear" them. If TSA thinks her implants could be a bomb, they could still be a bomb after a flunky rubs them down. Maybe a few more people will "get it" based on this example.
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    You have touched on one of the most infuriating things (IMHO) about this whole security theatre (iow, farce)! The more intrusive and invasive of our privacy they get, the less they actually insure our safety. Did they swab for explosive residue after rubbing her chest? Probably not! Any would-be terrorist would know that if they go through the scanner with an obvious "anomoly" they may be "patted down," but they won't be tested for explosive residue. Whoever thought of these "enhanced security measures" was a butt-f**king IDIOT!! <'scuse my French>
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    Wait for it.... the answer is "SSi."
    Which means 'don't have an answer and can't even make one up.'
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