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    I always steered clear of the bread, especially the little loaf version that came in a case of like 1000, they had a "rated shelf life" of infinity and could stop the hands on a clock at 50 paces. We used to call the Chicken A La King, Chicken A La Puke because it was a crap shoot whether it would stay down. The beef and prok patties weren't terrible if you had hot water of water and a heat source. We had a guy from WV that would reconstitute the pork patty, use the left over water and a "lil loaf", mix it and make this... paste/gravy stuff and put it on his crackers... He was made of cast iron I tell you, cast iron.
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    no thank you, Ive had enough abdominal surgeries in this life time dont need anymore because of clogged plumbing.

    I dont need MREs as I do dehydrated foods and do can some things, plus I rotate through whats stored so its all fresh and less then a year.
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