Car Dealer Rick Case Is Pressing Charges Against a TSA Officer Over a $450 Pen

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by N965VJ, Dec 10, 2011.

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    Well written. Unfortunately feeds the weekend talking point of sympathy for the poor TSA employee bullied by the unkind public. Not everyone can get the Sheriff on the phone, make demands, and get results.

    The "risk" the pen posed in the first place should not get lost in all of this either.
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    From TSA's perpective pens can be very risky, someone might write the word "bomb", or "terrorist" or even draw a picture of a 'replica weapon". Heaven forbid some passenger uses one to fill out a complaint regarding their trip through the moat or write their Representative.
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    Not possible. The only remaining TSA employees are there because they like to steal, because they like to fondle, because they like to exert their "authoritah," or are simply unemployable elsewhere because they're slack-jawed, drooling morons - who may or may not actually believe the (expletive deleted) the TSA feeds them about being "on the front lines against tewwowism."
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    What a strange (and long) article.

    What I got out of it:

    • The guy who owns The Pen is sentimental, yet vindictive, and has lots of money. He may or may not be able to buy help from the sheriff, but the inference is made. And he's kind of a jerk.
    • The TSA guy who nabbed The Pen has been around planes all his life and is basically a good guy. He likes his job, is on the ball, and is good with passengers. Extra sympathy is thrown in because we see him as a little kid. Law enforcement may or may not have informed him of any of his rights (5th A, in particular). And he cried when he realized how much trouble he was in.
    • Criminal intent (to steal) wasn't formed when he took The Pen out of the bin, but later when he decided to keep it and give it to his dad (and knew the pen wasn't his and that others were looking for it).
    • He'll never work for the TSA again.
    We're supposed to feel sorry for this guy, because he's a good guy at heart, and mistakes were made, but hey, we all make mistakes, right? And even after we establish the intent to steal, we're still supposed to feel sorry for him because he wasn't going to keep The Pen - he was going to give it away as a gift.

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    I fail to see a down side to this. Of course, if even the TSA won't hire you you're pretty much going to be unemployed for the rest of your life unless you move to a different country.
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    A thief is a thief. He took something that wasn't his-knowing it wasn't his.
    It does NOT matter that he took from a wealthy guy or a poor guy. He stole.

    (The guy he stole from is not a bad guy, Case and his family made that money to buy the pen.)
  9. Sunny Goth

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    Don't get me wrong - he's a criminal.

    I just thought it was a very strange article. The author wanted us to feel sorry for the TSA guy and NOT the person who had his property stolen. It's a weird angle to take since the TSA screener admitted to taking the pen.
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    Richmond (RIC) TSA will hire him, seems being a felon is no issue there.
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    Probably because they couldn't deny or bury the facts on this one. So pull a card-any card. The TSA guy knew it was an unusual pen, he admitted it.
    I've handled those pens, it really do not feel like any other pen. I know they downplayed it as 'sentimental' but MontBlanc is high dollar.
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    Wow, this story sure has legs. I remember reading about it back when it happened (in fact, it might be in the Master List -- can't remember now -- so much theft, hard to keep up with it all). But I had no idea the saga was still going on.

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