Carol Jean Price convicted of battery against TSA

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    News-Press: Bonita Springs woman convicted of battery on TSA employee

    After deliberating about 20 minutes, a jury has found Carol Jean Price, 59, guilty of battery against a Transportation Security Administration employee.

    Price was found not guilty of resisting an officer without violence.


    Price, testifying on her behalf, told jurors she was on her way to Cincinnati after her brother’s death when she was called over for a pat down.

    “(The screener) dug into my bra strap coming down,” she said. “She also swiped the palm of her hand down the front of my breast.”

    She said she didn’t stop the screener at that point because she wanted to make her plane and make it home to her brother.

    The screener then patted down her lower body, Price said.

    “She just took the palm of her hand and went up my leg — front, back, right leg, left leg — and touched my genitals,” she said.

    In all, she said her genitals were touched four times and that the screener’s hands “went up into my buttocks.”
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    From the article:

    Duh. Now you know how WE feel, Arnberg. Yet you have no sympathy whatever for us when you do this to us or see it done to us. Go scr*w yourself.
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    Entirely too nice.
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    Sideways. With a dull chainsaw.
  5. TSA News Blog

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    Carol Jean Price, one of the few people in this country who has fought back against the TSA at the airport, has been convicted of battery against a TSA agent. The jury took only 20 minutes to reach a verdict.
    So many of us who’ve been ringing alarm bells about the TSA have been wondering what would happen if a case such as hers ever reached a jury. Many said no jury in America would convict.
    I guess this case put the lie to that.
    I wrote in a comment just a few minutes ago, in answer to a reader’s question, that I believe we are nowhere near in this country to a critical mass of people outraged enough at TSA abuse to do something about it. I’d say we’ve just seen evidence for that belief.
  6. She went into shock. I wonder how many women she herself has made go into shock. And she doesn't even seem to see the irony.
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    This is a shame. I wonder how many of those jurors have ever flown or ever been through a TSA checkpoint.
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    Probably none, ill bet dimes to dounts there all AFS sheeple. So now its proven don't demonstrate there technique on them...just file a police report (aggravated sexual assault/battery, rape -- depending on the jurisdiction) and let the DA screw them. Personally I'm not traveling much anymore, but if groped that smurf would regret ever running into me as I would dog the DA.

    Out of all the times I have called to make a police report one once did the pig say they wouldn't take one... that was a career limiting move. I had a recording of him saying he wasn't going to take the report. One call to the duty officer took care of things and a rookie won't dare do that ever again.
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    If you're going to get a criminal record for doing to them what they do to us, I say make it count.

    If you're going to jail for touching a Pedosmurf, put his (expletive deleted) in ICU. Or a morgue slab.

    If you're going to do the time, you may as well do the crime.
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    Frank I don't disagree with you, as I would do the same. I'd prefer ICU/permanently disabled to morgue slab as I want the smurf to have a long time to suffer and think about what they have done. Also as a example for all pedosmurfs to see that they are in the wrong and there actions have consequences.

    I'm just gonna read them the riot act and warn them what will happen if they assault me (a good CYA). That will get the infamous DYWTFT, but not like I don't have a response to that one as well. TSA is alot of bark, but no balls to back it up...When challenged they fold like a cheap lawn chair.
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    Truly sad. These idiots have no idea the harm they did to Ms. Price and the liberty of themselves and their children.
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    One-two punch of osteosarcoma and cystic fibrosis. Racking full-body pain while they slowly drown in their own lung fluid. Pissy and Nappy first (and longest).
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    Beck Akers in LRC Blog: The Price of Double Standards


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