Canada CBC - 9/11: Ten Years After the Attacks

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    The National examines the impact of the deadly terrorist attacks ten years ago on 9/11, on America, Canada and the world.
    We have extensive´╗┐ coverage planned in this week leading up to the 9/11 anniversary, culminating in a special program from New York City on Sunday, September 11, hosted by Wendy Mesley.
    Up next: Havard Gould reports from Yarmouth, N.S., where post 9/11 security has drastically changed the pace of cross-border business at this busy port.
    Tuesday, September 6 - Adrienne Arsenault examines the enormous amount of money spent by the United States on security and counter-terrorism since the deadly attacks of September 11. and whether the country is any safer today.
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    The truth is that in some ways the 9/11 attacks were a failure. OBL hoped to kill 40,000 people. Cool-headed evacuation and rescue work saved huge numbers of people.

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