United States CBC: Canadians with mental illnesses denied U.S. entry

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    Apparently some Canadian mental health information becomes accessible to U.S. immigration and can be used to deny entry into the U.S. At risk is anyone involved in a 911 call in Canada where mental health is involved. Whatever is written up by the officer who answer the call ends up in the database, whether it is substantiated or not.

    CBC: Canadians with mental illnesses denied U.S. entry

    The parallels between Homeland Security and much of the worst that Germany offered in the 20th century just keeps growing. Off the top of my head:

    1. Stasi = Ministerium für Staatssicherheit, Ministry of State Security (cf. Dept. of Homeland Security)​

    2. See Something, Say Something (cf. Stasi informer network)​

    3. Patriot Act warrantless subpoenas & wiretapping (cf. both SS & Stasi methods)​

    4. TSA, very analogous to the SA (Sturmabteiling), paramilitary police wannabes known as Brown Shirts who provided local muscle for the Nazis up until the Night of the Long Knives​

    5. Discrimination against the mentally ill, and they are still asking about AIDS, which now is largely a chronic condition that can be managed (cf. Nazi eugenics programs)​

    6. Rendition (cf. the Nazi Nacht und Nebel program)​

    Any distinction is merely a matter of degree, coupled with an assumption that it's OK when we do those things. We are slowly becoming our worst enemies in the name of security.
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    Oh, so now it's kooky Canucks who are the latest threat to a country with 13 aircraft carrier battlegroups.
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    I don't know what to say here. By modern definitions, a lot of people are "crazy". European authorities believe 40 percent of their population is mentally ill. (I think it's a boondoggle to bolster their mental health industry.) The U.S. and Canada have a similar problem with our mental health "experts".

    Put the crazy, greedy shrinks together with the crazy security fascists and we've got a recipe for a human rights disaster.
    PS: So sorry. I see this post is a day late, dollar short, and in the wrong place to boot. Mea Culpa. Blame it on an early AM caffeine deficit please!
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    And still, millions of people refuse to acknowledge what's going on in this country.
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    If they have this information on Canadians, what do they have on Americans?
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    Quite a bit, if the state and local authorities cooperate with the collection of data.

    I am a bit troubled by the modern definitions of crazy:\

    Is a single suicide attempt really "crazy" under such circumstances? What people who've never had chronic pain do not understand is that there is no satisfactory pharmaceutical answer to chronic pain. All the pain medications have unfortunate side effects. Chronic pain causes fatigue, irritability, depression and sleeplessness, which leads to mental confusion. Each medication used to treat the pain or the accompanying conditions exacerbates one or all of the other conditions.

    Getting unhappy enough to kill yourself over a life of chronic pain really isn't all that crazy. It certainly doesn't mean the patient wishes to harm others - far from it. I'm really not liking where we're headed here.

    As an aside: When I was a child I visited Haiti. I was shocked by the presence of heavily armed police and military forces guarding civilian infrastructure. My elders explained to me that Haiti was a deeply troubled, divided and disorganized nation in the process of self-destructing. What is the U.S. in 2011?
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    What is being constructed in this country is the security state. This will exist independent of party, and largely independent of scrutiny. Right now, there are still some appearances of freedom. What the security state does however is to gradually taper these out of our lives, so that bit by bit, each little aspect of freedom is lost. Proceeding slowly, like a glacier, freedom will be lost, perhaps only to this or that agency at particular times, or for a minority religion, or what have you, but eventually the security state will have won.
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