CBS 11 Investigates: How Dirty Is Your Plane?

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    Apparently as normal as the world around us, but they can sure make it sound scary!

    CBS Local DFW: CBS 11 Investigates: How Dirty Is Your Plane?

    Serratia Plymuthica. Brevundimonas diminuth. Enterobacter asburiae. Klebsiella.

    Do you know what these are? Well, you may have been sitting next to them on your last airplane flight?
    These big words are the names of germs. CBS 11 found these bacteria breeding on planes after we randomly swabbed 10-surfaces on two planes.

    “We found roughly 3000 bacteria on this plate,” said Microbiologist Karen Deiss of Armstrong Forensic Laboratory in Arlington. “The door was kind of filthy.”

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    Thats mild compared to some of the junk that has been found at TSA filth points.

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