CBS 2 Exclusive: L.I. Woman Makes It Onto Flight With Wrong Boarding Pass

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    Someone managed to clear security and board an airplane with someone else's boarding pass ... again.

    Most of us who have been flying long enough will recall the the purpose of checking ID's is not security but revenue protection: preventing customers from reselling tickets to others, thereby forcing would-be buyers to purchase additional tickets, often at very high walk-up rates. After 9/11, airlines were only too willing to let TSA take over this function on the false pretense of "security". Security is in screening for weapons and explosives, not in checking ID's, playing silly "state your name" games, etc.

    What's humorous is that the journalist first goes off on a scare-mongering tangent:

    “It only takes one serious security breach by a homegrown terrorist or foreign national to board an American airline, and down that airline,” said security expert Anthony Roman, president of Roman and Associates global investigations. “So every breach is serious, but we have to be realistic – no security procedures are 100 percent.”

    And then in the next breath / paragraph, suddenly all is well:

    But the TSA said [Donna] Gold and her luggage were screened, so there was no risk of harm.

    And let's not forget that the 9/11 terrorists used their real names and their real identification documents.

    ID checking is all about revenue protection and the appearance of security. It has nothing to do with real security.

    CBS 2 Exclusive: L.I. Woman Makes It Onto Flight With Wrong Boarding Pass

    Late for her flight, [Donna] Gold was then directed to Transportation Security Administration pre-check. “The agent asked me to remove my sunglasses — checking my driver’s license, supposedly, against this boarding pass — and I removed my sunglasses and he ...

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