CBS Atlanta: Loophole allows people on no-fly list to pilot planes

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  1. Mike

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    TSA is looking to extend its reach and the reach of the unconstitutional "no-fly" list ...

    CBS Atlanta: Loophole allows people on no-fly list to pilot planes

    The federal government deems them too dangerous to walk onto a commercial plane, but a hole in the law still allows homegrown threats to man the controls.


    "I don't dream that any system is going to be perfect," Tilmon said. "For every loophole that's closed, we'll discover two more."
  2. RB

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    The No Fly List should be banned. If government wants to control someone then take the needed legal steps to do so.
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  3. CelticWhisper

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    All I have to say is "good."

    I'm to the point of relishing news like this just out of spite. I love to see DHS/TSA fail, I love to see loopholes found and exploited (especially when nothing bad happens as a result, to really hammer home how useless DHS/TSA and their measures are), and I love seeing their "layers of security" exposed for the Swiss cheese they really are.
  4. nachtnebel

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    suppose the person in question owns his own aircraft. wouldn't it be an illegal taking if the feds prohibited him from flying it without any reason or process adjudicated in court? of course, that is no more absurd than stranding an American citizen at a far off place based on no reason or process adjudicated in court.

    We should at least be throwing these suspects into the ocean and seeing if they float.

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