CBS News: TSA screening problem forces evacuation at JFK

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  1. A very good point. The horrendous culture of the workplace in some of these airports (which led that ex-screener to grope her ex-supervisor with the "You used to be such a *****, you deserved it" comment, for example) is just begging for retaliatory malfeasance and postal behavior.
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    It's the TSA in general.
  3. Mike

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    American Thinker: Plain incompetence?

  4. saulblum

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    I hope that those commenters don't represent the majority of Americans.

    Because I cry for my country if they do.
  5. nachtnebel

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    take a deep breath and tell yourself, all we need are 20%-25%. We don't need 'em all and we won't get 'em all.
  6. Mike

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    New York Post: TSA PO’d over plug outrage

  7. saulblum

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    There's a certain delicious sentiment in a spokesman for the agency that operated the World Trade Center dissing the agency whose birth was directly tied to said buildings.

    This is not the first time the Port Authority police have publicly dissed the TSA.
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