Censorship: Another good reason (of many) to steer clear of Facebook

Discussion in 'Civil Rights & Privacy' started by Mike, Dec 18, 2012.

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    Although this particular source (InfoWars) is often suspect, I've been reading about these Facebook suspensions for years. Anyone who doesn't toe their idyllic vision of a politically correct world is at risk of being shut down.

    InfoWars: Facebook Suspends Account For Questioning Official Narrative on Shooting (Despite the fact that the mainstream media got key facts wrong in early reporting)

    Facebook is suspending user accounts that question the official narrative behind the Sandy Hook school massacre, following a warning by Connecticut State Police spokesman Lt. J. Paul Vance that “misinformation” posted on social media sites could result in prosecution.

    An image posted in the aftermath of the shootings that questioned whether “a clumsy 20-year-old autistic kid” could have pulled off the murders of 26 people was deleted and the user’s account hit with a three day suspension.

    “I was informed the reason for this punishment was the result of a meme I had shared,” writes the editor of SecretsOfTheFed.com. “Facebook told me it “…violates Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities”. I was further warned that “If you continue to abuse Facebook’s features, your account could be permanently disabled.”

    On Saturday, Connecticut state police warned that people posting “misinformation” on social media websites would be “investigated and prosecuted.”

    However, this threat could apply to the vast majority of the mainstream media, who in their haste to get out ahead of the story reported numerous details that soon turned out to be completely incorrect.

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    This is the "meme" for which the Facebook user (editor of SecretsOfTheFed.com) was suspended:

    Number 1, first and foremost, this is editorial content, and people are entitled to their opinions. The text that is overlayed on the image is NOT an unreasonable take on the initial incorrect reports on the shootings -- incorrect reports for which BOTH the police AND the media are to blame.​
    Recall that the shooter was found with his brother's ID, and his brother lived out-of-state. That info turned out to be incorrect, but you can thank the cops for releasing it, the same dumb, stupid cops that apparently are now threatening to prosecute people people for publishing "incorrect" information.​
    Make my day, pigs.​
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    At SecretsOfTheFeds.com is the same paragraph, with the text linked to erroneous reports on each point that are still available days later:

    Although I've quoted it here, I'd suggest you view it in its original location, in case they are further maintaining the links to examples of the misinformation on the internet.

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