petition demanding TSA not screen cats so irresponsibly

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  1. I don't think petitions can really cause much change, but this one brings to light the idiotic, irresponsible, and downright cruel procedures TSA screeners tend to demand when you take a kitty through a checkpoint.

    Karen Pascoe, who started the petition, then had this to say about the ultimate fate of her cat who was lost thanks to the TSA:

    h/t Taking Sense Away, who had this to say about TSA's cat screening:

    I slap myself on the forehead that this is their procedure. Seriously, there's no defense. Where is PETA? Worried about the sea kittens, I know. But where is IPATA and the Humane Society? I worked in pet shipping and became skilled at pulling an agitated cat from a carrier. The cardinal rule is to do it in a small room with the door closed. It also works better when a seasoned professional does it rather than the cat's owner, who is usually freaked out and worried about their kitty, which causes their kitty to freak out more in a vicious cycle. Either which way, I consider TSA screeners who approach cat owners this way depraved kitty killers, and for that I wish on them manyfold karmic retribution.

    Also, remember TSA's response to one of these incidents? It was something like "pet owners are ultimately responsible for their animals at a checkpoint." Sick sadists, from the top down.
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    They can't even screen humans responsibly.
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