Channel 11 investigation: Items reported missing from Pittsburgh International [PIT]

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    Apparently they claim their surveillance is so good at PIT that they KNOW TSA doessn't steal stuff. :rolleyes:

    WPXI: Channel 11 investigation: Items reported missing from Pittsburgh International

    Jewelry, laptops, electronics -- all items reported missing from Pittsburgh International Airport in recent months -- yet Channel 11 has learned TSA has only distributed $1200 in reimbursement checks. Laura Snell of the TSA in Pittsburgh has taken the angry calls. "If we've done something wrong, we want to make sure those passengers are paid," she said. According to TSA data we obtained, 58 Pittsburgh airport passengers filed claims of damaged of lost items last year. Already this year, 17 people have filed claims. Channel 11’s David Johnson wanted to know why so few claims are reimbursed and uncovered a unique tracking mechanism at Pittsburgh International Airport. Unlike at most other airports, Snell has the backup of about two dozen cameras that track your checked bag, literally every step of the way.
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    So that the freedom fluffers can steal them at the scope-and-grope station.
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    Lock your carry on with a real lock.
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    And face a kangaroo court in front of an "Administrative Law Judge" for "interference with the screening process".

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