Charges dropped against mother after 10-hour SWAT team siege of her home

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    Ten hour siege, a SWAT team... and a TANK: How police dealt with mother who refused to give her child medication
    Video included with this article.

    All charges dropped against Detroit mom Maryanne Godboldo
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    But that was last August. Her daughter has returned home. It appears that the states' goons went through two levels of legal appeals before they gave up:

    Prison Planet (15 Dec 2011): Maryanne Godboldo finally gets daughter back from state child abductors; all charges confirmed as unwarranted

    But that's just her daughter. The thugs are still appealing the legality of the warrantless raid:

    CBS Local Detroit has eight articles tagged with the mother's name:

    From here, more about the drug that was being used, and about the "order":

    And last but not least, the child protective services apparatchik is being sued in another similar case:

    This is a very detailed article about the Nathaniel Brent case ...

    Voice of Detroit (17 Aug 2011): Detroit Father of 5 Pursues Federal Civil Rights Suit against Mia Wenk, DHS, Judges, Agencies for Removal of Children

    Google search for more about the Nathaniel Brent case

    Google search for more about the thug/case worker Mia Wenk

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