Chatty TSA agents look for liars, but all they find is misunderstanding

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  1. Mike

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    Detroit Free Press: Ellen Creager: Chatty TSA agents look for liars, but all they find is misunderstanding

    One reader's story started on a Hawaiian vacation. The vacation went great, but when she got back to Detroit, her condo had been robbed -- thieves had figured out she wasn't home and ransacked the place. Ever since that day, "I don't tell anyone where I'm going," she says. She keeps the house looking occupied, keeps her mail coming, keeps the lights on -- and if you think she's going to tell a security agent at the airport her travel plans, you can think again. Since she got robbed, "I have a great sense of paranoia," she says. "I'm not sharing that information with some minimum-wage person and his friends."​

    Another reader won't share her story with TSA agents again because she'll cry. That's what happened to her this summer at Metro Airport. "In late July, I was traveling to Seattle to see my 91-year-old father, knowing that it would be the last time I'd see him alive," she says. "When I got to the TSA examiner, she asked me the purpose of my trip. I burst into tears and told her that my father was dying. After I finally was able to get the words out to answer her question, she asked me when I would be returning to Detroit. I was dumbfounded. ... The examiner seemed uncomfortable ... but she might have been required to continue her line of questions. I cried all the way through security, feeling mortified and somewhat invaded. If it happens again, I will just say 'personal business.' "​
  2. Fisher1949

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    The program is so entirely bogus that it's stunning that so many people put up with it. America has become of a nation of idiots.
  3. saulblum

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    And the nation gets the TSA it deserves.

    I don't think Americans have necessarily become much more idiotic over the decades. From reading about the American Revolution, there were numerous colonists who opposed independence. Viewed in that light, it makes the Americans' success over the British that much more amazing.
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  4. nachtnebel

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    in the colonies at that time, it is estimated that one third of the people rabidly supported the independence movement, one third was for the King, and one third was mainly concerned with what the local tavern was serving for lunch.

    It doesn't take anywhere near a majority. That is why the federals are so keen on rounding up people with military capabilities and leadership if they express certain opinions (cf Brandon Raub)
  5. RB

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    I don't see why or where I am traveling to is the governments business unless they wish to arrest me first. TSA can takes these types of questions and stick them squarely up its collective (expletive deleted).
  6. Frank

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    And what happens when you tell the BD"O" to FOAD? Do you get pulled from your flight for having "an attitude problem"?
  7. Caradoc

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    Anecdotal evidence suggests the least you can expect from telling a SPOTnik where to go and what to do would result in a back-room groping, paper drape optional. Assuming you decided to try to fly, anyway.
  8. Affection

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    Well before I had a problem with the TSA, I remember a screener told me that I wasn't allowed to use profanity -- an important and frequently used part of my personal lexicon -- at the checkpoint. I responded, "Why the (expletive deleted) not?" A supervisor came over and told me thay if I kept saying naughty words, I wouldn't be allowed to fly.

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  9. It would have been funny if you acted confused and went through a list of naughty words to see if they considered them profanity: "What about "(expletive deleted)"? Is "(expletive deleted)" okay? You know they don't consider "(expletive deleted)" such a bad word in England. How about "(expletive deleted)"? "Pussy"? After all, I might be talking about a donkey or a cat, you don't know..."
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    I love it , although I would have thrown that terroristic threat right back in the supervisors face, and then whipped out the cellphone like I was about to call the cops.

    Normally I'm one for biting my tongue; till the wrong button gets pushed then horns quit supporting the halo and game on. TSA on the other hand I would probably break into something resembling ...

    while going completely over the smurfs heads with nomenclature and words of the english language dare wittle minds can't comprehend all the time with a possum eating grin on my face .... God rest George Carlin
  11. Fisher1949

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    Isn't that interfering with free speech? Since checkpoints seem to have become Constitution free zones, do travelers have any rights left after entering?
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  12. jtodd

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    It most definitely is. It will take a lawsuit from them denying a person access based on this to get show them though since we all know the TSA doesn't like following rules or laws.
  13. Didn't they accuse Andrea Abbott of swearing like a truck driver? I thought that played a roll in her arrest. IIRC, the cops made it sound like she was creating a disturbance with profanity and we certainly can't have that for a family-friendly environment. (The irony that her daughter was being sexually assaulted by a Large Marge-looking woman in that family-friendly environment was apparently lost on the cops.)
  14. nachtnebel

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    It is the same phenomenon as in the Soviet Union, where low level apparatchiks, who had no power beyond their little job function, and no skills, and a low place in society, but who could and did make life miserable for people in the one small area where they had some power. That is all this is. Low level apparatchiks who get hammered on by their bully bosses and fired if they blow their noses the wrong way taking it out on passengers. It's a vision out of Dante's (expletive deleted).
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  15. Frank

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    It's going to be removed to a federal court anyway, so make it a federal charge. 18 USC 241. Two years at Club Fed plus a permanent felony record is a good way to get rid of a Pedosmurf.
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