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Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by mikew68, Apr 30, 2012.

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    Returning form a very long SGN-ICN-ORD-DTW flight ... All my remaing TC's ( $ 2300.00 ) and $ 600.00 in cash were stolen from my carry on. This happened at Term 3 checkpoint 6 on 26 April in the morning. As I was wipedout from the longggg flt. I wasn't aware of the theft until I got home in Mich... The way they did it is really simple..... you can't see your bag as it goes through the xray.... this is due to the set up of the machines... The money was in a sealed envelope inside a leather foilo with my travel papers and passport secured with 2 purple heavy rubber bands... when I opened my carryon at home there was one rubber band securing the folio.. The tas person stood between me and the xray so I couldn't see my bag.... I am buying a new heavy duty carry on and a good lock.... And the beat goes on !!!!
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    Since half of America doesn't care that people are getting sexually assaulted, maybe they'll care that their stuff gets stolen. As more and more of these incidents occur, maybe, maybe, people will finally get it through their thick skulls.
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    File a police report.
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    I'm sorry to learn of this happening to you.

    Isn't it sad that we can't trust those who are entrusted to "keep us safe" not to rape and pillage us?
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    that sounds like an organized operation to me. bet they could be easily stung. file a police report. and make a claim against TSA.
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    Exactly. This has happened to so many people, all over the country, and most of them just think they're alone. "Bad luck," whatever. They don't realize how prevalent this is.
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  7. FaustsAccountant

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    File a police report and be persistent about it. even if they give you the run-around. the video footage may be "lost" or "not on" at the time, but keep trying.
    What's happening and happened is wrong, wrong wrong.
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    If you haven't don't so already, file a claim with the airline. Notify your credit card and stop payment on the airfare pending reimbursement.

    You'll ultimately have to pay the airline anyway, but this will make life difficult for them and get others involved so that there is more evidence of the loss in the paper trail.
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