CIA claims to have popped SuperUnderwear bomber.

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Cartoon Peril, May 7, 2012.

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    CIA informant stopped by the CIA? Nice work - they're as useful as TSA
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    Is it really a plot if the bad guy is on the CIA team?

    Feds needed good news so they made some.
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    Do you think any of their underlings have told them about it yet?
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    One thing people aren't considering here is that that in order for an explosive to be effective (unless you have a sufficiently large quantity) is that the charge must be shaped or formed to focus the impact on what you wish to destroy. If it explodes as underwear while it is being worn, about the only thing it will be focused on is the pelvic area of the poor slob wearing them.

    A more troubling scenario would involve slipping out of the undies in lav and then wadding them up & placing them in as close a proximity as possible to a structural element of the aircraft. The undie bomb that can't bring down a plane just became much more dangerous.
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    Good point. A question for those who know more about the subject than I do: Among all the planes that have been brought down by bombs the past thirty years, were any of those bombs on the passenger? Or were they all in cargo?
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    • The last time a bomb smuggled aboard an airplane in the USA detonated was December 11, 1967. The plane landed safely; no fatalities, no injuries.
    • The last time a bomb was smuggled aboard an aircraft in the US from which there were fatalities was May 22, 1962.
    This, of course, is just U.S. flights. And those two were on board, not in cargo. Obviously not including Lockerbie, etc. But the linked database contains tons of other info.​

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