Cisco/Linksys Pushes Update, Locks Out Users

Discussion in 'What's On Your Mind?' started by Frank, Jul 4, 2012.

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    I'm betting civil litigation attorneys will soon be on this like flies on :trash:.

    This little faux pas appears potentially to be a very expensive anti-trust issue by forcing the bundling of products and the acceptance of the unnecessary "cloud service", whatever the (expletive deleted) that is.
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    Its a even money bet on DHS putting them up to it.

    Oh fun... our work backbone and network is on cisco equipment. I bet our IT people will be fit to be tied as soon as they come in the morning, as it would explain why we have been having problems with remote stations today.

    Thank goodness I moved away from Cisco/Linksys many years ago.
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    I'm missing something here. A search engine reasonably knows about what you searched for since you are using it to search, it can remember your searches and pop up related ads, etc. A router is just a dumb piece of equipment. There is no reason for it or its manufacturer to know ANYTHING about your activity on the web. No reason.

    Of course a router company would dearly love to get its hands on your activity---there's biiiiiig money there. But there is no reason for them to have that information. They are simply extorting this out of people by pushing such an irrelevant feature as their "cloud" network in an update push. Agree with Mike. This is highly actionable and they will get their butts sued for it. I use a competitor's products not Cisco, but this will make me determined to avoid Cisco products in the future. What complete (expletive deleted).

    Quite honestly, this is a negative wrt owning their stock. They are already not doing well. It has the smell of complete desperation.
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    The backpedaling has begun from Cisco:

    Stupid b*st*rds. You tried to deceive people and you know it.
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