Cissna: Turning TSA indignation into DC dialogue

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Mike, May 6, 2012.

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    KCAW: Cissna: Turning TSA indignation into DC dialogue

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    The fact that she remains noteworthy and is getting attention for this issue is indicative of widespread opposition to TSA.

    Their days are numbered in their current configuration.
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  3. Can I just tell you -- I'm conflicted about whether to support Cissna for Congress. I think she's a principled woman and I obviously agree with her 100% on TSA and civil rights issues. But her stance on our state's resource development is troubling to me. She thinks, basically, that we shouldn't develop resources, that we need to prepare for life after the resource development, which would essentially mean about two thirds of us would need to leave the state. I suspect she's pretty hot for alternative energy -- geothermal, tidal and such -- which they're doing great work on up here, but I'm not sure that stuff can take off if we quit oil, natural gas, and mining cold turkey.

    I'm not wild about Don Young, though. He's somewhat closer to my own political positions, but pretty ruined by corruption. Anyway.
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    I think geothermal is an under used asset. I spent considerable time in Iceland during my Navy years and their use of geothermal should be a model for others to follow. I also think we should use all of our natural assets including oil and gas wherever they might be found.
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