Civil Liberties Win: TSA Discontinues Body Scanners, This is a Victory in the Cause for Liberty

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    Title is slightly misleading (it's full-speed ahead with MMW :( ) but the article itself gets it right.

    Policy Mic: Civil Liberties Win: TSA Discontinues Body Scanners, This is a Victory in the Cause for Liberty

    The intrusive backscatter imaging devices were pulled about a month ago in New York City's LaGuardia and JFK airports, Chicago O'Hare, and in Boston, Charlotte, Los Angeles, and Orlando. Having first planned to move these machines to smaller airports, TSA's assistant administrator for security capabilities, John Sanders, says the machines have been moved to warehouse in Texas alongside over $100 million worth of other unused equipment (which should induce a tangential eye roll at this stockpile of government waste) ... No, the primary problem is the fact that the TSA are the employees of the federal government — meaning anyone whom wishes to travel by air must grovel with the state in order to do so. Like practically all government failure, implementing a one-size-fits-all plan for airport security is inefficient, ineffective, and reduces freedom. Because not only do the TSA's searches delay air travel, but they have yet to produce any results, and have permanently changed the standard by which the government may step into our personal space and fondle our nether regions.
  2. I guess those of us who have to pass through SEA are less worthy of cancer-free travel. :(
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    Which might mean that Chertoff & Co. (OSI aka Rapiscan) are getting the big middle finger from TSA.

    There is no loyalty among perverts. :D
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  5. I'm looking in the article you linked to and the details on the contract the article linked to and I'm not seeing confirmation that these new scanners are x-ray. All I'm seeing is the generic term "Advanced Imaging Technology". Am I missing it somewhere? (Not happy about the new scanners, just trying to understand the details.)
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    Yes, the whole package, three to be tested first.
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    Which should leave plenty of time for removing those pesky cancerous lesions & lymph nodes!
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  9. Thank you ladies!
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    You bet.
    Lovely images from a Z Backscatter™ SmartCheck personnel inspection in both Doober and my posts. Assume the position and show your piercings proudly!
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    Interesting. and the images they show aren't the "real" ones. This page from A&E invites you to request "higher resolution images" by email. presumably if you are from a qualified interest.

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