Arrested TSA Employee Cleveland [CLE] TSA Agent Paul Magnuson arrested for rape

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Fisher1949, Nov 1, 2012.

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    magnuson paul.jpg
    Paul Magnuson, Cleveland TSA "Inspector" and Big Brother Buggery Suspect​
    Lovely photo of the adorable alleged rapist added by Coach Mike​

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    I was hoping it was at the airport. Oh, well. Only a matter of time.
  3. FliesWay2Much

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  4. Mike

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    Probably returned on the Uninental FRA-EWR flight & got snagged in customs by real officers with guns ...
  5. Elizabeth Conley

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  6. Mike

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    He's been named as Paul Magnuson, will post more shortly.

    & the file photo in the Daily Mail article shows a CO ("Uninental" :) ) widebody at EWR. :D
  7. Mike

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    UK Daily Mail: TSA agent arrested over 'rape of young boy' he was mentoring through Big Brothers Big Sisters program (Nov 1 2012)

    A TSA employee was arrested for allegedly raping the young boy that he mentored through Big Brothers Big Sisters. Paul Magnuson, who recently worked as a transportation security inspector for the TSA and was returning to America after working on a job in Frankfurt, Germany, was arrested in the international airport in Newark, New Jersey. Magnuson has not been formally charged with the rape of the boy, whose name will not be released due to his age and the nature of the crime.


    MailOnline spoke with TSA spokesman David Castleveter who said that Magnuson was fired as a result of the arrest. ‘TSA is aware of the allegations against the former Cleveland-based employee and continues to cooperate with investigative authorities,’ Castleveter said.

    & the usual bull:poop: about the high ethical standards of their thieves and perverts:

    ‘TSA holds its employees to the highest ethical standards and expects all employees to conduct themselves with integrity and professionalism and takes appropriate action when allegations are substantiated.’​
  8. Mike

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    Muggie now in the base post at the top -- too bad we didn't have this yesterday, it's definitely Halloween material. :eek:
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    This makes 15 for child sex crimes in less than two years. It is a travesty that they convicted Andrea Abbott for demeaning TSA screeners by calling them pedophiles, when that is what they are.
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  10. Mike

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    Paul Magnuson, date of birth Sept 20 1968, apparently he's been cooling his heels in the NJ jail for eight days now :D ...

    Images of the Essex County inmate locater info:

    Copy of magnus paul inmate locater info1.png
    (I removed the 2nd of the two images because there wasn't any real info in it.)​

    Attached Files:

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    Great sleuth work digging out the dirt on this (expletive deleted). I think the sketchy details of the KOIO post may have put some sites off. Drudge picked it up briefly today but it was replaced by 4;00P. I sent to Drudge and alex Jones this morning and will email these details to Infowars tonight. Maybe that will stir another story.
  12. Mike

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    Well, I guess I'll take the credit. Leave your tips on your monitor & my fairy will pick them up overnight.

    Googling "Newark jail" was really hard. Y'all do realize I've been trying to dumb down so I can start a retirement career as a Gropenmensch in a few years.
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  13. Yeesh, that guy looks like a serial killer. The kind who does creepy ritualistic things.
  14. Mike

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    ^ Becky Akers @ LRC Blog:

    Beta Testing at the TSA

    Posted by Becky Akers on November 1, 2012 08:18 AM
    Words fail me as the garbage that shirks|sorry, "works" for the TSA proves yet again its utter evil, so I’m simply reprinting this report in its entirety:

    CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) — We've learned a Transportation Security Agent has been arrested on a warrant for the rape of a northeast Ohio boy he had been mentoring as a big brother. The man had been a volunteer with the Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Greater Cleveland. Cleveland Sex Crimes investigators built a case against him, and he was arrested at the airport in Newark, NJ.
    He had gone to work for the TSA in Germany. We're not naming the man until he gets brought back to Cleveland and charged.

    Charged? Ha! What makes WOIO think this scum wasn’t trying out the TSA’s newest technique for finding WMDs secreted where the sun don’t shine? Look for the boilerplate from the agency any day now: “TSA has reviewed the incident and determined that all procedures were followed.”

    Thanks, I think, to Travis Holte for alerting me to this horror. Yo, Travis? Maybe next time warn me to grab a barf-bag before reading.
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  15. TSA News Blog

    TSA News Blog News Feed

    For those of you who follow this blog, it should come as no surprise that a TSA agent has been arrested for the rape of a boy he was mentoring as a volunteer Big Brother.
    Though word of this story came out yesterday, the suspect’s name hasn’t been revealed until today: Paul Magnuson.
    We have said it before: the TSA attracts pedophiles. Several that we’ve documented. The TSA attracts criminals and those with personality disorders that exaggerate control and sociopathic tendencies. And the TSA hires these people.
    It can’t get much sicker than this.
  16. Fisher1949

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    One would think that their crack BDO psychics would have been able to identify a child molester who looks like, well....... a child molester.
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  17. RB

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    TSA's crack BDO psyhics is all make believe, just like the rest of TSA. Of course I know you guys all know this.

    I asked Blogdad the Liar Bob why he didn't mention this issue in his weekly TSA Pats Itself on the Back (again) post.
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    Yes, TSA send people overseas to encourage others to conform to our abusive approach to aviation security.

    In this bozo's LinkedIn blurb, he describes himself as a "Transportation Security Specialist".

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