Arrested TSA Employee Cleveland [CLE] TSA Agent Paul Magnuson arrested for rape

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    Seems I read that he is/was a TSI, like the guys that climbed the pitot tubes a few years back.
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    I thought I posted the job description for "Transportation Security Specialist". Did I put it in the wrong thread? :confused:
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    Must have closed or reused the window before I clicked the "Post Reply" button. :(

    From here:

    Assists with management of the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA)
    National Explosives Detection Canine Team Program (NEDCTP) as a mass transit/rail
    canine coordinator assigned to the NEDCTP HQ Staff. Primary duties include, but
    are not limited to the coordination and execution of TSA and NEDCTP national
    strategy and policy, standards, technical program analysis, budgetary and
    administrative requirements as they pertain to Mass Transit/Rail security
    initiatives and operations. Promotes the core values of the agency, provides
    technical and operational guidance regarding cargo security activities to NEDCTP
    field staff nationwide. Will manage multiple tasks simultaneously; prepare and
    present technical information, orally through formal presentations and in writing
    to diverse audience levels and interact with Federal Security Directors, as well
    as federal, state, local, and county law enforcement agencies. Responsible for
    developing and managing an assigned Mass Transit/Rail security budget; the
    development and review of NEDCTP documents pertaining to Mass Transit/Rail
    requirements; and to evaluate utilization and training of explosive detection
    canine teams along with the team’s records, and recommend improvements to canine
    Mass Transit/Rail security screening activities. Duty will include travel
    throughout the country at the direction of the Program Director, on a frequent
    basis to ensure proper program oversight.

    All applicants must demonstrate one year of specialized experience equivalent to
    that of the next lower pay band/grade level in the Federal Service or private
    sector. For the SV-J pay band, applicants must have one year of specialized
    experience equivalent to the SV-I pay band or the GS-13 grade level or equivalent
    experience in the private sector. SPECIALIZED EXPERIENCE is defined as experience
    that has equipped the applicant with the particular knowledge, skills and
    abilities to successfully perform the duties of the position, and is typically in
    or related to the work of the position to be filled. Such experience will include
    knowledge of effective explosives detection canine team employment methods in a
    mass transit and rail security environment.

    This is a Critical Sensitive (Level 3) position and requires a Secret Security
    Clearance and completion of a favorable Single Scope Background Investigation
    (SSBI) or Background Investigation (BI) prior to appointment, unless a waiver is
    obtained. The incumbent will be subject to a 5-year periodic reinvestigation.​
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    Still awaiting extradition from New Jersey ...

    News Net 5: TSA agent from Cleveland accused of sexually assaulting 14-year-old boy

    A 14-year-old victim told police he was sexually assaulted last year by a "Paul" who works for Big Brothers, Big Sisters in Cuyahoga County, according to police reports. The report indicated Paul Magnuson, 44, is from Cleveland, but works as a TSA agent in Germany. The report explained he left the United States about six months ago. The police document said Magnuson mentored the boy for two years. The victim told police he spent the night at Paul's home " about 18 to 20 times" and last year Magnuson sexually assaulted him three to four times.

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