CNN Opinion: TSA, change the airport security mindset

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    CNN: TSA, change the airport security mindset (Aug 6 2013)

    Unfortunately, instead of taking on the issue of stopping the misconduct, GAO's focus was on how TSA "could strengthen oversight of allegations of employee misconduct," the safe issues of process oversight, management of the accusations and data gathering versus digging into the controversial root causes of the actual misconduct.

    TSA's response was to assure us it fires those proven to have violated the public trust. In fact, it does. It will be tempting for TSA leaders to rally around solutions involving tougher discipline, deeper investigations and more thorough documentation.

    That would be exactly the wrong way to fix the real problem.

    In today's TSA, too many officers switch off their minds in favor of just finishing out the shift without rocking the boat. This may be the root cause of the GAO-identified misdeeds. TSA needs to have its officers switched-on and motivated.

    Good luck with that!

    The security workforce comprises many who stepped up after 9/11 to stop terror attacks. My experience with transportation security officers is that they are overwhelmingly dedicated, sharp, willing and empathetic to passengers and their problems.

    Delusional often?
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    If someone somehow manages to switch on and motivate a TSA employee, they'll need to immediately replace them anyway - no intelligent person with anything resembling a functional ethical compass could stomach working for the agency.

    They're all either complete wastrels, functionally delusional, untrainable, or simply so evil that they enjoy their "work."
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    This sort of garbage "journalism" is part of the problem. They legitimize these perverts and allow them to continue to spout their propaganda promising to fix things. It never happens and this story will be back next year and go through the same cycle.
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    Agreed. Lather, rinse, repeat. As usual. <*sigh*>

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