Coast Report Online: Security goes too far

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    Coast Report Online: Security goes too far

    Airport security is necessary but the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) approach to securing our airports post-Sept. 11, 2001 has been questionable to say the least. Every couple of months we hear a new story of alleged abuse by TSA agents from passengers who say they were fondled, groped or otherwise made to feel uncomfortable by a TSA employee.

    According to a July posting on the Russia Today website, a 59-year-old Florida woman was convicted of battery for showing a TSA administrator how she was patted down by another TSA agent. It is absurd to think it is OK for the government to abuse its citizens and then when we protest, we are the ones to get in trouble. If the TSA can have a woman arrested and prosecuted for doing to them what they do to us, then we may have a problem. The TSA needs to remember who is paying for their unnecessary agency — the taxpayers.

    The TSA has also searched children and elderly people who pose absolutely no threat to security. Last year an 8-year-old boy traveling to Disneyland was frisked by TSA agents, the entire ordeal was taped and I couldn’t help but think: if anyone touched a child like this in public they would be considered a pedophile, so why can the government get away with this?

    The invasive searches aren’t the only problem with airport security. Those new body scanners that take nude photos and supposedly delete them are obtrusive as well. Back in November 2010, lower-resolution scanners at a federal courthouse in Florida saved 35,000 of those images, images which should have been automatically deleted. The TSA machines produce much higher resolution scans, and the operators of those scanners have little to no transparency so that the public knows the pictures are actually deleted.

    Post-Sept. 11 America forfeited too many rights in the name of “national security.” It has been 11 years and while there are still plenty of people out there who want to harm our country, stripping average Americans of their privacy and allowing the government to molest adults, children and seniors in public is insane. It’s election time, so while we are focused on immigration, the economy and gay rights, we should also be pushing for a less intrusive security process and instead focus on security measures that will actually keep us safe.
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    What's really cool about this is that's from a student newspaper. :)^
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    AWESOME! I would have given Josh an A+++ if he had been one of my students!:cool: (I used to teach English at a post-secondary trade school.)
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    Some promise in the next generation.

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