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Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Doober, Sep 17, 2011.

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    To be fair, that was how the name was spelled initially in the press (I believe the Maricopa Co. Sheriff's Office always had it spelled correctly, though I could be mistaken). Even her support page on Facebook (and we here at TUG) had it spelled incorrectly to match until it was corrected in the press.

    However, it's obvious she's an "enemy" to their feeble egos, and accordingly the thought they did something wrong probably never crossed their minds.
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    Working at the airport they might as well forget about any weight loss program. One whiff of the Cinabon counter and it is all over. 3000 calories in one snack.:D
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    & I even grabbed a domain name with the "wrong" spelling :(
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    Considering the width and junk in the trunk of a good portion of the smurf population they must eat those alot along with 5000 calorie frozen coffee's as well.

    Those used to be a nice thing to have once in a while, but after after hurting my back on the job and dealing with the whole workmans comp process, back surgery and rehab it's just not worth the extra 2hrs of cardio and blood sugar sky rocket and crash. I have since found equally good but healthier options that allow me to stay on my program and continue to loose weight and build muscle.

    You too? BTDT but I've stopped for a while so I can find a new registar that doesn't charge a arm and a leg for domains and includes privacy not charge for it as I don't like all those details out in the open, but it's looking like setting up a ghost biz/corp is the route I'll have to go to protect my info.
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    I often wonder what they're going to do when fat A.S.S. can no longer fit in the fancy, new equipment.
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