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    Contrast it with America. The trip began with my usual opt-out of the TSA naked scanner. I’ve noticed in recent months TSA agents, emboldened, have taken to openly ridiculing Americans like me who eschew their standard protocol. During this particular encounter in Chicago, the TSA agent challenged my request to opt out, sneering, “it doesn’t cause cancer.” Trying to avoid an argument, I murmured that it was “a matter of principle,” but she persisted:

    TSA: “WHAT principle?”
    Me (murmuring, tired): “Fourth amendment…”
    TSA: “Oh REALLY?”
    Me: “Are you supposed to be arguing with me about this?”

    Pretty standard, and mirrored by my experience last evening upon returning to the U.S. and rechecking in at the Fort Lauderdale security. It was more exciting this time, after I made it known that I could not see my purse for a full ten minutes while I waited for the TSA to decide to provide a “female assist.” After overhearing other TSA agents ridiculing me, I attempted to point out where this was going on to the supervisor who had, by this point, been sent over to further enforce TSA separation-from-property-procedures. When asked which TSA agents were ridiculing me, I attempted to indicate this to the Fort Lauderdale TSA supervisor.

    At which point, the TSA supervisor told me I was not allowed to point.

    As you can imagine, it only became more exciting after that as my traveling companion insisted upon filming the goings on.

    When did we as a country let the post-9/11 concerns allow our government to develop the ever-growing and empowered bureacracy of the TSA to tell us we are the ones who are the criminals. We shuffle along, shoes in hand and liquids in baggies, tired and dejected as we comply with one of the most tangible expressions of government power over our lives. Law-abiding Americans, subjected to derision and suspicion from our government, and ridiculed by Obama’s Blueshirts for opting out.


    I’ll spare you the details about the ridiculous customs at the Fort Lauderdale airport, where so many people lined up to wait for to pass through that the line went around the entire perimeter of the baggage claim area, spiraled in like some amusement park ride, and made our airport look like, well, a third world country.

    Time for all of us to opt-out of the regulations and bureaucracy that grow with each day. When you say no to Obama’s TSA Blueshirts you say no to the path our country is on. Time for a return to principle, not making a flight. Time to re-opt-in to the entrepreneurship and freedom that used to define America. Others are waiting to claim that title.
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