Comparing Fear of the Government Today And During The McCarthy Era

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    There is a lot of justified concern about the level of intrusiveness the government is imposing on us. The TSA is one example. DHS in general is another example. I recall Thomas Jefferson's quote on the subject:
    Fear of the government popped into my head again while reading the article about the victim of the spilled ashes incident at ORD and noting his comment about not making a scene for fear of missing his flight or being put on the no-fly list. That got me thinking about another era during which the people feared the government: the McCarthy era. Having been an infant during the mid-late 1950s, I don't remember anything about it. I'll admit I haven't done an exhaustive literature search either.

    Here is a pretty decent Wikipedia article on the subject:

    I'm interested how you guys feel about this comparison. let the dialogue begin!
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    I've been saying for years that Terrorism is the new Communism. The U.S. needs a bogeyman du jour, and "terrorism" is now it.

    During WWI, it was The Evil Hun. Propaganda about it abounded. False stories planted in the press about Germans bayonetting babies. Then in WWII we interned Japanese-Americans. Then came the Red Scare. Then the Cold War ended and we needed something else. The "war on drugs" was, I believe, part of the new propaganda campaign. And now that's been supplemented by the best one of all -- the "war on terrorism." A never-ending war. People who sympathized with any of the victims of these various crusades were hounded, censored, prosecuted, sometimes beaten up, and jailed.

    In all cases the government used this, that, or the other bogeyman as a an excuse to rip our civil liberties out from under us. Fear, of course, is not only handy for controlling the populace, it's also profitable.
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    I'm kinda busy today. I'll come back and natter about this later. For now:

    How many times have I wrote something to this effect: "I believe there needs to be an immediate Congressional investigation into the ties between the Department of Homeland Security and the Southern Poverty Law Center and any other radical groups."?

    The Southern Poverty Law Center and the Heritate Foundation are both bad news. They both have had undue influence in federal government to the extreme detriment of U.S. citizens, most of whom are entirely unaware these entities even exist.
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