Complete List of Domestic (US) & International Airports with Body Scanners

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    If there are any airports not listed in this thread, or any incorrect information, please feel free to send me a private message (conversation), and I'll update it ASAP. Thanks!


    US Airports using the NoS

    ABQ - Alternating WTMD/NoS. Left side goes to WTMD & Right side goes to MMW. Easy to self-select!
    • DL (South Checkpoint) Two MMWs installed in the DL F/Elite line
    • Concourse E (After Customs) MMW currently in use
    • Center Checkpoint Lanes 1-4, 13-16, & 21-24 have MMW installed
    • North Checkpoint Lane 6, 5/4, 3/2 MMW & WTMD; Lane 1 WTMD only. Elite/premium line on left; military/employee on right.
    BDL- BKSX installed in ALL lanes at the C/P. Occasionally roped off
    BIS - Receiving devices within the next year
    BNA - MMW installed in all lanes. Occasionally roped-off. C C/P has 4 MMW installed
    BOI - Two BKSX @ entrance to B/C gates
    BOS - Term. A, Term. B (all lanes!) (US Shuttle, AA), Term. C, UA, B6, Term E. INTL - Left lane of UA C/P (TERM C) does not have a NoS.. VX C/P SAFE
    BRO - **More Information Requested, please click here to PM
    BUF - Five BKSX Installed!
    BWI - Only the C Gates (AA,DL) are free of the NoS. All other gates have MMW
    CLE - All checkpoints (A,B,C) have MMW. A only has one MMW and one WTMD, while B has two MMW.
    CLT - BKSX Installed @ Concourse A, B, D - Concourse C C/P is SAFE!
    CMH - All three concourses have backscatter installed
    CRP - BKSX in use at the only C/P
    CVG - AA/UA/US Terminal 2 & DL (Term. 3) have BKSX installed
    DAY - Installed and using two MMW
    DCA - DL/CO Terminal C/P (gates 10-22), Also installed at Gates 35+, Terminal A C/P is safe
    • Concourse A Checkpoint Two MMWs are in use. This checkpoint can be used to access Concourse A, B, & C
    • Terminal East Checkpoint (Near F9 counters) One MMW in use. Multiple lines open throughout the day, so self directional opt-out is easy
    • Terminal West Checkpoint (Near UA counters) Two MMW in use. Multiple lines open throughout the day, so self directional opt-out is easy
    DFW- MMW in use @ ALL D C/Ps - Installed @ A21, A36, B9 C8, C21, C31, E8, E33 (left/main lane) - SAFE A12?, B19, B33, C31, E15, E16, - B24 in progress
    • AA/CO/LH/UA/US/WM) North Term. has two checkpoints (North & South). Both have a WTMD and MMW scanner for each pair of bag x-ray lanes.
    • DL (McNamara Terminal) Currently using MMW
    • Westin C/P Currently using MMW. ALL INCOMING INTL passengers have to go through this checkpoint
    ELP- Screening clerks were forcing pax to use the NoS over the summer. According to Blogdad Bob, all pax can opt-out. YMMV. - BKSX
    EWR - Terminal A (AA) gates 30-39 do not have the NoS - Term. B MMW @ DL Gates B40-B47 - Term. C C/P 2 - MMW - C/P 1 & 3 have MMW
    FAR - Receiving devices within the next year
    FAT - MMW installed. WTMD is still installed, but TSA may alternate between WTMD & MMW. YMMV!
    FLL - Terminal 1, B gates are safe. All other terminals and gates are BKSX.
    FWA - Replaced one of the two WTMD with a MMW - WARNING: Clerks have been sending all pax through the MMW. YMMV..
    GEG - Horizon Air (Term C) SAFE - Far lane @ C/P for A & B using BKSX
    GFK - Receiving devices within the next year
    GPT - One BKSX in use
    GRR - NoS installed, and in use!
    HNL - Not in use at Inter-Island Terminal. All gates, DOM & INTL can be accessed from there
    HOU - All but four WTMD removed, and four MMW installed!
    HRL - **More Information Requested, please click here to PM
    IAD - BKSX installed in Diamond Line & Crew Lanes downstairs; Also installed in all lanes on main C/P
    IAH - Term. A, one MMW Term. B has two MMW. Two WTMD still setup. Term. C has MMW installed. Terminal E, but easy to avoid - MMW - INTL Arrivals has 3 MMW
    IND - A & B C/P 3 installed - MMW
    JAX - 3 MMW devices for four lanes. Far left lane is safe, and it's pretty easy to get yourself into the far left lane if it's open. avoid the priority lane.
    JFK - T. 1-8 have separate C/Ps, with no way to transfer. T2, T8 BKSX in all lanes - T3 one BKSC - T4 C/P for gates B20-31 has BKSX - BKSX @ UA - T7 & B6 (T5)
    LAS - Multiple MMW @ A/B/C C/P. Old C C/P also has MMW. Most of the WTMDs @ D C/P also have MMW. Old A/B C/P has MMW, T2 (INTL) - Be observant!
    • US & WN (T1) Family & Medical Lane is SAFE
    • AC/AF/VS (T2) Three or Four Backscatter machines being used
    • AS & VX (T3) Currently using Backscatter
    • AA (T4) has 6 X-Ray lanes. Lanes 1/2/5 SAFE, Lane 3/4/6 have BKSX. Elite line feeds to Lane 6.
    • DL (T5) Currently using Backscatter
    • CO (T6) Right side of checkpoint is using Backscatter
    • UA (T7) Left lane has Backscatter
    • Tom Bradley International Terminal Currently using Backscatter
    LGA- BKSX in use on the farthest lane to the right @ Concourse D. Use the elite line to avoid. Central Term. Conc. (A-D) No airside transfers
    LIH - Backscatter being used at the main and only checkpoint. Current in the far right lane
    LRD - **More Information Requested, please click here to PM
    MIA - All C/Ps (D1,D2,D3,E,G,H,J,K) have MMW installed. F is possible safe, but unknown.
    MCI - Left side of WN C/P - Term. B - Terminal A & C Safe!
    MCO - BKSX in use @ West End C/P (Gates 1 - 59) - One BKSX to the extreme left side entrance, and two near extreme right entrance. Center section still has WTMD. Gate 69-129 C/P also has BKSX in the right lane. SDOO possible
    MDT - MMW installed @ only C/P. Pax are constantly sent into the machine
    MDW - MMW installed and running!!
    MFE - WTMD still in use, but the NoS has been installed and used. Unsure of type!
    MEM - Used at A/B/C C/P - BKSX
    MKE - Concourses C & D - MMW
    MLB - One MMW has been installed
    • Two MMW setup at Checkpoint 2
    • MMW used at Checkpoint 6
    • MMW used at Checkpoint 10
    • How to avoid Use checkpoints 1/4/5 (#5 is for DL elites) (C/P 1&4 are WTMD ONLY
    • Any checkpoint can be used to access the sterile area
    MSY- MMW Located @ Concourse B, C, and D C/Ps.
    OAK - In use at Terminal 1, 3 installed @ Terminal 2 (WN) C/P - BKSX
    OMA - BKSX used @ AA gates (1-8) C/P
    ONT - MMW is now in use at both terminals
    ORD - T1,T2,T3(2 @ K C/P) (Backscatter) - If flying AA out of T2, use Priority AAcess lane. No Nude-o-Scope installed!
    PIE - MMW installed at C/P for Gates 2-6
    PIT - Devices are installed at both the main and alternate C/P (BKSX)
    PBI - MMW in use at all C/Ps. Concourses A,B,C - Concourse C MMW on the 2 right hand lanes of the C/P - Avoid by using Elite/Crew lanes on main level
    PHL - Terminal A & F Domestic have one MMW - Terminal A-International, B, C, D, E are SAFE - Use Term D to access all gates
    PHX - T2- (AS/CO/UA) C/P has 3 BKSX - T3 (DL) No scanners installed! - T4 - A/B/C/D C/Ps have 3 BKSX. Avoid by using family line
    PVD - Main, and only, C/P has received BKSX!! Easily avoidable, by choosing a different line. Very easy to SDOO.
    PSP - One MMW in left lane, with preparations for an additional MMW in the right lane. Only one checkpoint at PSP
    RDU - 1 MMW installed at Terminal 1, WN C/P/ 3WTMD starting at the left, and NoS on the right - 4 MMW installed @ Terminal 2 C/P.
    ROC - Machine in use. Staff are rude to opt-outs MMW
    RIC - MMW installed @ Concourse A, B & C C/P
    SAN - BKSX installed @ AS/UA C/P, Commuter Terminal, DL C/P @ Term @, Gate 1A/1/2 C/P for WN - T1 Gate 1&2 has BKSX installed
    SAT - BKSX being used @ T2 C/Ps. As of 12/4, BKSX usually being used only for secondary or random, not primary.
    SEA - A (South) C/P (DL) has the NoS, Central/Main C/P has the NoS, C gate C/P & D/N gates C/P has BKSX.
    • Terminal 1 (AS,DL,HA,F9,VX) Multiple MMWs are in operation.
    • Terminal 2 (AA) No Nude-O-Scopes in operation!
    • Terminal 3 (AC) MMW in operation.
    • Terminal 3 (UA General & Elite) No Nude-O-Scopes in operation!
    • International Terminal A (BA,CX,VS) Two MMW in use.
    • International Terminal G Two MMWs in use. Self opt-out is easy, if the far left lanes are open.
    SMF- Terminal A CLEAR! B2 C/P has the NoS
    SJC - BKSX at all lanes, except for the family line. - Terminal B has eight lanes @ the C/P, and 4 BKSX, X-RAY machines in odd lanes feed to WTMD
    SJU - BKSX installed @ Concourse B. Two BKSC at Concourse C
    SLC - Terminal 1 has MMW - Terminal 2 (DL) - Terminal 3 has a single line for the C/P - MMW @ both C/Ps
    SRQ - Two MMWs installed
    STL - 2 BKSX installed at Terminal 1 A C/P - BKSX @ Term. 2 (East Terminal)
    TOL - MMW recently installed. Only at one C/P.
    TPA - Airside A & Airside E C/P (AC, DL, UA) - MMW
    TUL - All lanes have the MMW

    US & International Airports receiving the NoS soon

    ANC - Supposedly receiving the devices this fall...
    BHX - Arriving later this year..
    CAK - New checkpoint under construction. NoS likely to be installed
    COS - Receiving in 2012. Type unknown.
    DAY - Receiving before Thanksgiving, and in use by Christmas
    GNV - Receiving NoS in 2011, no specific date
    ICN - According to airport information, receiving devices "soon". None installed as of November
    JAN - Supposed to arrive in a few months
    LGA -
    MSN - Receiving within one year
    PWM - Just opened a new terminal in October. MMW with ATR to appear :mad:
    SPN -
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    International Airports using the NoS

    AMS - Two MMW per gate for US-bound departures. One MMW @ C/P for crossing from non-schengen to schengen. Stay to the right
    MMW being installed at domestic gates

    DME - One MMW in the business security area of the international terminal
    LED - MMW - Screener looking at images is right in front of you...
    LGW - MMW at North terminal, used for secondary or random only, opting out leads to denial of boarding. South terminal safe.
    LHR - MMW at all terminals, random only, opting out leads to denial of boarding. Elite lane at T1 is safe; other elite lanes may also be.
    HAM - Testing the NoS, entirely optional!
    ICN - Checkpoints 1 & 3 have one BKSX - Use Checkpoints 2 or 4 to avoid the NoS
    MAN - BKSX at all terminals, used for anyone who alarms WTMD or requests a private scan (!) as well as some random passengers, opting out leads to denial of boarding. T3 elite line is safe!
    PVG - Machines used sporadically and only in certain lanes. Not in family lane
    YEG - MMW in use for domestic/transborder flights. Random, but opt-out permitted
    YHZ - MMW in use in domestic/international departure area. All lines have WTMD. Unsure of transborder departure area.
    YOW - 1 NoS in the Domestic/Intl C/P - Appears to be used for secondary screening - MMW
    YUL - MMW in far left lane being used on all pax. OPT OUT Permitted
    YQR - MMW has been installed. Unclear who is sent to it
    YVR - US-bound pax use the MMW, randomly determined by a machine - Domestic, C gates has a MMW for "random selectees" - OPT-OUT POSSIBLE!
    International to Domestic transfer checkpoint has one MMW

    YYC - US-bound pax use the MMW, randomly determined by a machine - OPT-OUT POSSIBLE!
    YYZ - T1, US Departures has the NoS for SSSS/Random Selection/Resolution of WTMD alarms - T1 Domestic - 2 MMW for Secondary only. None in NEXUS line, not always in use - MMW - YYZ Concourse Level (between Arr/Dep) C/P has the MMW, usually sits idle
    YXU - Installed @ Transborder terminal

    Domestic & International airports not using the NoS

    ABE -
    ACY -
    AKL -
    ALB -
    ASU - (South America)
    AUS -
    BLL - Denmark
    BTR -
    BUR -
    CHS -
    CLD -
    CPH - Copenhagen
    DAL -
    DAY -
    DUB -
    DUS -
    ECP -
    EZE -
    FRA -
    GTR -
    HPN -
    ICT -
    JAN -
    KOA -
    LEX -
    MAA - Chennai, India
    MGM -
    MLA - Malta
    MHT -
    MEL -
    NRT -
    OKC -
    ONT -
    ORF -
    PDX -
    PEK -
    PER -
    PHF -
    PUQ -
    PVG -
    PWM -
    RSW -
    SAV -
    SBA -
    SBP -
    SCL -
    SDF - Has no plans to add the NoS! [​IMG][​IMG] -
    SNA - still safe!
    SXF - Berlin
    SYD -
    SYR -
    TUS -
    TVC -
    VIE - Austria
    ZRH -

    Glossary of Abbreviations Used

    AA - American Airlines
    AC - Air Canada
    AS - Alaska Airlines
    B6 - JetBlue Airways
    CO - Continental Airlines
    DL - Delta Airlines
    UA - United Airlines
    US - US Airways
    VX - Virgin America
    WN - Southwest Airlines

    C/P - Checkpoint
    MMW - Millimeter Wave
    BKSX - Backscatter
    SDOO - Self-Directional Opt-Out
    TERM - Terminal
    WTMD - Walk Through Metal Detector
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    Placeholder :)
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    Reserved for future use
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    Just in case.
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    Hey Friendly... I was just at DFW C31 C/P yesterday. MMW, and they're sending people through the WTMD only if the MMW already has a victim. Might want to remove it from the 'safe' list. :(
  7. mikemey

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    I certainly believe there's more than 4 MMW at RDU T2, and you might wanna state that everyone gets shoved through the NOS there. T1 you can usually SDOO.
  8. FriendlySkies

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    Disappointing that they love their NoSs so much :(
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    Some updates from the EU:

    Germany: only HAM continues to have an entirely voluntarily MMW as the test was extended due to the previous high failure rate and to test new software

    Italy: test scanners were originally pulled in late 2010 but as of May 2011 MMW are back in test mode at FCO (*note Rome has two airports) and MXP, also to test the new software

    Luxemburg: Main train station was due to have a scanner in test mode in 2010 in preparation for use at LUX airport; after the EU decision permitting limited use of MMW under certain conditions LUX confirmed that they would not have a scanner

    Finland: HEL is testing a scanner on voluntary basis but I don't have further details

    At this point in the EU scanners are only used at select UK airports (note not in Wales or Scotland) and are not voluntary albeit in limited use; AMS has scanners with opt-out as an option.

    Other than the two countries using scanners, Germany, Italy, France, and Finland have been conducting tests over the past year but have not installed scanners for general use.
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    They've obviously not been drinking the TSA/Chertoff Koolaid.
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    At least one of the NoSes at LHR T5 is in fact a BKSX.

    MAN: BKSX in lane 5 of all terminals, after the WTMD. Alarming the WTMD or being a random selectee results in being channeled to the BKSX; opting out leads to denial of boarding. SDOO by steering towards lanes 1-3 (which the elite lines feed), although they may be roped off at off-peak times.
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    Just a couple of notes. DFW C21 checkpoint has one L3 MMW WBI. Seemed to be that TSA would send a person to the WBI then while occupied others to WTMD.

    FLL Terminal 3, F gates. Two Backscatter WBIers. There are 5 screening lanes with the lower number lanes feeding the WBI and today they were not using WTMD in those lanes. The 5th (perhaps the 4th also) lane is all the way to the left of the checkpoint and does not funnel to the Porno-Box, only to the WTMD.
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    Conditioning more and more people to use the porno scanners :eek:
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    FYI: The Porno Scope testing is over at HAM.. Germany is NoS free ^^^
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    This makes me happy for my upcoming trip!
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    Any updates for CDG? A member sent me a PM to indicate they had installed the NoS.. Hope that was not true!
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    Anyone know if Key West (EYW) is WTMD or WBI?
  18. barbell

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    As of last year EYW was WTMD only. Perhaps one of the best TSA experiences I've ever had. Though there is 1 x-ray belt and 1 WTMD, and everyone's on vacation so the line can be s-l-o-w.

    There appeared, sadly, to be room to add WBI, but I would doubt they have it at this point.
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    Is SMF actually using their scanner?
  20. FriendlySkies

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    Maybe they'll be like PVU (Provo, Utah)


    TVC is like that. One X-ray, one WTMD, and ten clerks that stand around doing nothing.
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