Complete List of Domestic (US) & International Airports with Body Scanners

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by FriendlySkies, Jun 7, 2011.

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    PVU even had Chaffetz appear at the launch of the F9 flights to mention that there were no NoS at the airport!

    Watch from 1:48

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    Here is some updated info from LHR T5 as there has been much discussion but no agreement on the state of T5. Apologies if I got this wrong yet again, but I can assure you that I spent quite a bit of time recently on various days trying to ensure that what is listed is correct.

    There are three general screening areas at T5

    'North' screening - this is the non-Fastrack screening for passengers coming from landside (or connecting via landside from other terminals) Think of it as 'ordinary screening'. This is the largest screening area at T5, and has a large number of lanes spread all the way from the BA Galleries North lounge to the centre section of the terminal.

    There is one backscatter 'room' located at the far left of the north screening area. The room consists of a backscatter machine and what appears to be the viewing booth. It is not in operation all the time, and in fact most times I have not seen any of the MMW or BSX in use at LHR. Apparently passengers are selected at random after doing WTMD for the BSX.

    'South' screening - this is the Fastrack screening at the far south end of the terminal (H gates). There are only a few lanes here. There is also a BSX 'room' and again, I have only seen this one in operation once (fired up, but no actual subjects)

    Connecting passengers - if one is connecting airside from another terminal, one is funneled into either north or south screening. Ordinary passengers are funneled into the left hand lanes of 'north' screening. These lines to join the regular screening can be very long, to the point where they stop access to the escalators and the lines wind around the lower connections level.

    Fastrack passengers connecting airside funnel into the far right hand 'north' screening lanes. This line is usually much shorter but expect waits at peak periods.

    What this means for connecting passengers is that ordinary people ie non-Fastrack passengers have a greater chance of being funnelled into the far left lanes nearest the BSX booth.

    I have no idea if proximity to the booth increases chances of being selected, but definitely suggest keeping to the right hand lanes of 'north' screening if at all possible.
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    While I love LHR, I always keep an eye on the far left lame at T1. sp far, I've never seen the MMW open, but it's something I always worry about.
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    The UK's off our travel list until we're allowed to opt out. Period.
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    There does not appear to be any MMW at either T3 or T1 if one is connecting FYI.

    The UK really saddens me (well, to be fair, England moreso than Scotland or Wales). The amount of CCTV cameras alarms me, and the lack of resistance by the population is even more disturbing. I found myself caught up in the weekend neo-Nazi marches and the way it was handled and the outcome was quite different from the attempted neo-Nazi marches in Köln earlier this year (both official and populous reponses). Edinburgh has long been on my list of places I would consider retirement, but unless something changes, it will fall off my list.
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    There is a database of checkpoint security experiences located at which allows you to view current checkpoint conditions and submit your own experiences.

    A link is stickied in that other place. Maybe there should be a sticky here, too. The community needs more people filling out experience reports at every checkpoint they visit. Submitting reports helps others avoid checkpoint abuse, whether they find another airport, choose the right airline, navigate to the right checkpoint, or properly time their SDOO. For those with no choice but a condition red airport it may save them the humiliation and anger of planning a trip only to reach the checkpoint and have no choice.

    We should spread the link to other forums and blogs as well. This is a great community resource and it works best when everybody is updating it. - which airports have groping, xray machines, backscatter, millimeter wave, and nude-o-scope

    If you link it from another site, be sure to use a descriptive link to help elevate it in search engine results.

    (Note: I am unaffiliated with this site. Somebody from TS&S built it)
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    Could a mod insert the word "Airport" between "Which" and "Checkpoints" in the title of this thread? I can't seem to edit the title.
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    Thanks! I had seen this site earlier this year but lost the link and forgot about it. It's a good resource and is current.

    A sticky link would be a useful addition.
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    Wishes: granted!
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    Perhaps TUG should get into the sling business ;)
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    It disappoints me to post this, as these two airports are in two of my favorite US cities.

    PWM and PDX are both getting fitted for MMW with ATR.

    PWM is just about to open their new terminal, and the news is reporting that they'll get three MMW by the end of October


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    MLB has 2 WTMD lines, with a MMW in between. Over my last ten months of frequent travel there, the right hand WTMD line is never open, and the nylon barrier is almost always shut across the mouth of the left hand WTMD, with all carryon sent thru the left lane X-ray and everyone sent thru the MMW. Footprints in MMW face away from the left lane, so you can't see your possessions. The MLB TSO's are jerks about letting you watch your stuff. Don't expect to get any assistance from LEO's at MLB. They are an Airport Police Department, and are totally the TSA's bitches.
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    Sigh. Another airport to avoid.
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    I avoid all of them. :)
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    I spoke to a colleague this morning who said that *some* WBIs had been removed from DCA, PIT and a couple of other airports in recent days. Has anyone else noticed this?
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    I am told that DCA and PIT have removed some of their AITs. Can anyone confirm this? If true, I wonder why.
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    My first thought is "TSA is trying to roll them back quietly to avoid a damned-if-you-do-damned-if-you-don't PR catastrophe." Of course, if they're just getting rid of BKSX to replace it with MMW, then it's no good either way.
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    IIRC, DCA has MMW and PIT has Backscatter..
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    You are correct. So it has to be something more than accommodating ATR versions of the scanners. And, neither DCA nor PIT is participating in the trusted traveler trial AFAIK.

    He flew back from DCA tonight and reported that he had been selected for WBI, opted out, and got to go through the WMTD instead of a patdown. I'm too cynical to believe that something positive is afoot. So what is happening?

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