Complete List of Domestic (US) & International Airports with Body Scanners

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by FriendlySkies, Jun 7, 2011.

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    There have been sporadic reports of same throughout the year.

    'Tis strange indeed.
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    This PR is just part of the on-going AGITPROP to flood the newswire with fluff pieces about themselves. In the coming weeks, you can expect a flurry of additional bull:poop: PR's about each individual airport that achieves salvation through scanning.
  5. The new list of airports is so odd. Surely my ANC has more traffic and is a more strategic target for nefarious activity than, say, South Bend, Indiana. In this case, I have to wonder if the Sharon Cissna debacle has had a deterrent effect. But then, TUS, where I fly to when I do, is also still NoS-free, and again, it packs way more of a punch than SBN. And then AUS, where they made such a stink, is on the list. I wish I could see the rhyme and reason, assuming there is any.
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    ITO & OGG are getting scanners :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
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    I went through PIT twice this week. I can see where my friend thinks a machine was removed, but I am not certain. Regardless, it is pretty much code red for passengers there -- they use the (remaining) AITs until things back up so much that they have to use the WTMD.
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    Flying today for the first time since this travesty started: the scanners have come to PDX; checkpoint D/E, two MMW/ATR, all passengers being sent through (airport is not busy now). Opted out, waited about two or three minutes for my groper to arrive. The set-up was such that I was able to see my belongings while I was waiting. Another passenger opted out right behind me. Pat down did involve contact with my testicles; initially I did not think it was all that bad (I suppose I have some tolerance for low blows from my martial arts training), but there was a delayed reaction and I did start to feel a little discomfort as I walked to my gate. The TSO was pleasant enough--I did not get the impression that he was deliberately trying to be punitive--but the upward sliding of the hands on the inside of the leg was performed with some speed and force. I regret to say that, at the conclusion, when he wished me a nice flight and offered a blue-gloved handshake, I was not prepared and instinctively offered my hand back.
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    I had hoped PDX wouldn't be ruined until next year.. Which airlines utilize this checkpoint? Please don't say it's the one for UA! :(
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    I am not a frequent flyer, but to the best of my recollection, when I flew UA I always departed from Terminal E.

    I have a lot of time to kill, so I took a walk over to the A/B/C checkpoint (There is a secure-side passageway): I don't see any scanners; it is still just WTMD. So for now, this remains an option to avoid the scanners for all terminals.
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    ORF has scanners.
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    Do you know if the MMW scanners at HOU (William P. Hobby Airport - Houston, TX) are "gumby-fied" or do they still have peep-show booths?
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    I don't know, haven't traveled through there.

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