Confessions of a guy who peeps at women getting groped by the TSA

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    He didn’t want to be identified by name. He says he’s just a guy who travels who reads my site.​
    I saw that you care about privacy and probably want to know that this happens. I travel a lot and it is boring to just wait at the gate.​
    And here’s what he wrote:​
    Confession of a TSA Peeper
    The youngest women are the best when they raise their arms. You don’t get much effect from the older ones. But the young women, barefoot, down to a blouse, no belt, yes. They raise their arms and up goes the blouse. You get some skin and maybe a navel. Most important, up go the breasts.​
    The women are trapped, really. Once in, arms up, they can’t move. It’s even better when they do move, because it messes up the machine and I get to see the pat down. The pat down! But it’s still very good when they don’t move a muscle. One second, two, three, sometimes seven or eight! There she stands. Venus with arms intact, a museum piece.​
    If I could, I’d raise my own arms in praise of this TSA show, woman after woman in parade. First they strip a little, and then they take their turn, arms up and legs out. Or I imagine my own arms up, palms against her palms, a double high-five.​
    A few terminals at a few airports are the best. They actually have chairs and tables on one side of the machines or the other. I can sip a drink or pretend I’m looking at my phone. Once in a while I do snap a photo or take video. You get to know which women will be the best, and you know exactly where they will be standing and how much zoom to use. For obvious reasons a white or light cream color top shows the most curves and shapes. I can’t believe so many women don’t remember that they will be on display. Maybe they do . . . sometimes they smile!​
    You might think the best terminals are the ones that have the chairs on the free side, where you don’t even need a ticket, but there are too many people around except early in the morning or late at night, and you usually can’t get a good look at the pat downs. The best ones have a restaurant on the ticket side, right in front, and nobody is surprised if you stay seated for a while.​
    I do feel a little guilty when it’s a girl, maybe 16, and I’m still looking. But the TSA is not just looking at the outside of her clothes, they’re seeing everything, and in the pat down they are feeling it, too. In comparison I’m not even seeing as much as the video security cameras. They are watching the whole time, but I don’t stare for more than a few seconds at once. And they are recording a lot more than I am.​
    This is the result of our giving up our rights so politely and easily. If every person made a scene like I do over our being searched without probable cause, do you think the TSA would still exist?​
    (Photo: Daquella manera/Flickr Creative Commons)
  2. I've said this before -- TSA screening is by nature a sexually exploitative process. It doesn't matter if TSA says that by policy it isn't, and it doesn't matter if the screeners claim they aren't turned on by any of it. It is clearly a sexual experience for this man, and I don't even really blame him for it. In fact, bless him for being open about it. But it is also very much a negative sexual experience for those who feel forced into this situation and understand that there are people like this man watching and getting off on it, whether they wear the blue uniform or not.
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    A "policy" written by the guy(or girl) who is the perpetrator doesn't mean too much.

    And of course they'd deny it.
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    Letters to Penthouse... :eek:

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