Congress Seeks To Tighten Rules for Alien Flight Students

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    Aviation International Online: Congress Seeks To Tighten Rules for Alien Flight Students


    From January 2006 through September 2011, more than 25,000 foreign nationals applied for FAA airman certificates, indicating they had completed flight training. However, TSA computerized matching of FAA data determined that some known number of foreign nationals did not match with those in the TSA’s database, raising questions about whether they had been vetted.

    In addition, AFSP is not designed to determine whether a foreign flight student entered the country illegally. Thus, a foreign national can be approved for training through AFSP after entering the country illegally. A March 2010 Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) flight school investigation led to the arrest of six such foreign nationals, including one who had a commercial pilot certificate.

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    For everyone who has been poked, prodded, imaged nude, forced to remove their shoes, had liquid (or non) items "surrendered"...:
    or non-vetting as the case may be. Nappy=Fail.

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