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    Just be be "fair", we're going to accumulate reports of TSA's good deeds.

    However, this isn't a invitation to scour the internet for ten years of TSA hype. It is limited to articles:
    1. Posted in "real" media (papers & broadcast stations)
    2. Posted after TUG created (6 June 2011)
    3. Events must appear to warrant at least local media coverage no matter who the actors are (simple courtesy, e.g. "TSA help me carry my bags" doesn't count although it does seem beyond reach for many of them)
    Links must be accompanied by a brief description. Standalone links & stories that don't meet the above criteria will be summarily deleted.

    Here's good deed #1 (being lazy I'm just copying & pasting the Google News list):

    TSA heroes: 'There were people to save and I just jumped in'

    KEPR 19 - ‎4 hours ago‎
    James Bostwick, Jody Wellman and Christopher Hastings, all TSA agents at Sea-Tac Airport, were carpooling to work on I-5 in Federal Way when Bostwick saw a BMW heading right for him. "They hit the guard rail and a concrete barrier that's next to it, and ...

    TSA agents recount fiery rescue - ‎Aug 10, 2012‎
    As James Bostwick drove his fellow TSA agents to Sea-Tac Airport early last Saturday morning on I-5, he suddenly saw a car come hurtling through the air. It smashed into a cement electrical box and burst into flames. "After that I pulled over to the side of the ...

    TSA agents pulled Fort Lewis man and passenger from their burning car

    Bonney Lake and Sumner Courier-Herald - ‎Aug 10, 2012‎
    Witness accounts of the early morning collision on August 4th reveal the heroic actions of passing motorists who helped two people from a crashed car as it was erupting into flames. Washington State Patrol detectives have been conducting an investigation ...

    TSA agents 'heroes' for saving crash victims - ‎Aug 9, 2012‎
    The third TSA agent called 911. "Once a vehicle catches fire really well, and the surrounding area catches fire, it just doesn't stop until something stands in the way," said Washington State Trooper Julie Judson. "Without that intervention...they definitely could ...

    TSA agents save victims after car crashes, burns

    KIRO Seattle - ‎Aug 9, 2012‎
    The driver, a 21-year-old Joint Base Lewis-McChord man, and his 29-year-old female passenger, were both hurt but escaped further injury from the fire because of the actions of the TSA agents, the WSP said. Police said driver is recovering from his injuries ...

    WSP: 'Heroic' TSA agents saved man, woman from burning car

    KIMA CBS 29 - ‎Aug 9, 2012‎
    The three TSA agents happened to be driving by at the same time on their way to work when they saw the crash. They pulled over and ran to the burning car. Two of the agents risked their lives as they approached the vehicle to free the two occupants and ...

    3 TSA agents credited with saving driver, passenger from burning car

    Q13 FOX - ‎Aug 9, 2012‎
    SEATTLE—. Three TSA agents who work at Sea-Tac Airport helped two people escape from a burning car after a collision on I-5, the Washington State Patrol said Thursday. The accident occurred last Saturday on southbound I-5 near South 304th Street.

    WSP: JBLM man will face vehicular assault charges, TSA agents helped rescue ... (blog) - ‎Aug 9, 2012‎
    WSP: JBLM man will face vehicular assault charges, TSA agents helped rescue pair from burning car. Post by Alexis Krell on Aug. 9, 2012 at 9:38 pm with No Comments ». August 9, 2012 9:38 pm. A Joint Base Lewis-McChord man will face vehicular assault ...
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    From earlier this month, TSA helps rescue kidnapped woman ...

    TSA credits officers with rescuing kidnapped woman

    CNN - ‎Aug 1, 2012‎
    Washington (CNN) -- TSA officers rescued a woman from two kidnappers as a group of travelers passed through a security checkpoint at Miami International Airport, the Transportation Security Administration said. In the July 5 incident, the two TSA behavior ...

    Authorities: TSA agents rescued kidnapped woman - ‎Jul 31, 2012‎
    A woman who was beaten, kidnapped and brought to Miami International Airport by her assailants could have been forced to fly with them to New York, but two alert Transportation Security Administration agents noticed that something was wrong, authorities ...

    TSA agents rescue kidnapped woman - ‎Aug 2, 2012‎
    Airport screeners may not be able to tell a terrorist from a half-naked woman, but they can spot a beaten and bleeding woman most of the time. Last month, Transportation Security Administration agents at Miami International Airport noticed a trembling ...

    TSA Agents Rescue Kidnapped Woman at Miami Airport

    TravelersToday - ‎Jul 31, 2012‎
    The woman was threatened and forced to withdraw funds from the bank and was about to be taken to New Jersey. TSA agent Danielle said that her partner approached the woman and asked her to come with them, when the kidnapped woman asked them to ...

    TSA Officers Rescue Kidnapped Woman

    Car Rentals - ‎Aug 3, 2012‎
    TSA Agent It's been revealed that some Transport Security Administration (TSA) agents have rescued a woman from two kidnappers. The effort was carried out as a group of travellers passed through security at Miami International Airport on July 5. During the ...

    TSA Thwarts Kidnappers: DNews Nugget

    Discovery News - ‎Aug 2, 2012‎
    TSA Thwarts Kidnappers: A woman whose "friends" turned into her kidnappers was rescued at Miami International Airport by TSA agents, reports CNN. The woman had traveled to Miami from New Jersey with four friends when it all started to go badly wrong.

    TSA Rescues Kidnap Victim in Miami Airport - ‎Aug 2, 2012‎
    Authorities said the woman was brought to the airport by assailants and was forced to board a plane headed to New York when two TSA agents noticed something was not right. A surveillance video shows the apparent victim arriving at the airport's terminal ...


    FOX News Radio - ‎Aug 2, 2012‎
    Courtesy: Miami-Dade Police Dept. Two TSA workers at a Florida airport are being lauded as heros for rescuing an allegedly kidnapped woman as her supposed attackers were trying to usher her through airport security. Courtesy: Miami-Dade Police Dept ...

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