Consumer Reports ranks Delta & Spriit among 10 worst companies

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    Since it's the Christmas season they were categorized as "naughty" and "nice". There were no airlines in the "nice" list. In the "naughty" list:

    Abe's of Maine
    Delta Airlines
    This bold pitch from Delta was impossible to overlook. When our reporter booked a domestic economy flight (the restricted fares most people choose) via the carrier’s website, Delta offered him the chance to “add convenience and peace of mind.” “Flex this fare for just $737,” the offer shouted, as if you’d be crazy not to jump at the deal. Trouble is, our reporter’s super-saver fare was just $248, so Delta was tripling the price to make it refundable. Gee thanks.
    Forever 21
    Spirit Airlines
    “We empower you to save money on air travel by offering ultralow fares with a range of optional services—including bags—for a fee,” Spirit proclaims on its website, “allowing you the freedom to choose only the extras you value.” Well, if you value almost anything other than airfare itself, you’ll likely need to dig into your wallet. The company just upped the freight to a maximum of $100 to stow a carryon in an overhead bin (it’s free if you can stuff it under the seat), depending on whether you declare the carryon in advance, at the airport, or wait until you’re at the gate. That’s more than you could pay for a checked bag.
    Tiger Direct
    Time Warner Cable

    From Consumer Reports: Naughty or Nice? See which companies made our list this year and why
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    I'm not surprised on the others on the list. Especially abes of maine, that place is well known in video/photo circles for scam artist central.

    real good read, and should wake up a few people who need a clue to smack them in the face.

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