Consumer Travel Alliance vs. TSA

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    Lisa Farbstein blathers again. Charlie Leocha, Consumer Travel Alliance, responds:

    NPR: New TSA Standards: Carry On Small Snow Globes And Pies, Keep Checking Jam

    "We recognize that they're not likely to be terrorists and so we allow them to leave their shoes on. That expedites the screening process," Farbstein says. "Basically, we do know that not everybody is a terrorist. We totally understand that."

    But the TSA's critics say they don't really understand that. "These kinds of rules really don't make any sense today, and we spend literally millions and millions of dollars searching for items now, which are of no harm," says Charlie Leocha, director of the Consumer Travel Alliance.

    After the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, the government ordered airlines to install hardened locked doors to the cockpit. Leocha says that pretty much eliminated the danger from small pocketknives, box cutters and the like. So he says those intrusive searches at airport checkpoints are totally unnecessary.
    "You can't break into the cockpits anymore. They get locked up and the pilots are safe, and we have an incredible intelligence operation going on, which now allows the government to screen every passenger for every flight against a terrorist watch list," Leocha tells NPR. Leocha says the TSA should go back to using standard metal detectors at security checkpoints rather than the full body scanners, which have raised concerns about privacy and safety.

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