Corruption in Cook Co. & Chicago never ends: Citizens vote judges out, Supreme Ct. reappoints them

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    How do you make any progress in cleaning up a corrupt system when you vot douche-bags out of office only to see them reappointed by their cronies?

    State Journal-Register: Report: High court restores some defeated judges

    Several politically connected Illinois judges have been appointed to judgeships after losing elections or dropping out of races, according to a report Sunday. he Illinois Supreme Court appointed seven judges to the Cook County court system after they were rejected by voters, according to a story published Sunday in the Chicago Tribune. Five Democrats who lost in March have been appointed to judicial posts since then. The other two have been appointed in the last six years.

    It's a controversial practice that the state's highest court has previously vowed to end. However, the newspaper documented several instances of the practice continuing. In one case, an appointed judge gave more than $20,000 to the Cook Country Democratic Party. Others had ties to powerful Chicago Democrats. The high court also reappointed three judges who dropped out of judicial races.

    So that's a total of ten dumped judges (7 voted out, 3 dropped out of campaigns before they got whomped) that have been returned to office by their cronies. The Illinois Supreme Court admits that the practice is wrong yet continues to do it.
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    This is the original article from the Chicago Tribune:

    Chicago Tribune: Defeated judges find way back to bench: State Supreme Court continues to return Democrats rejected by voters to Cook County Circuit Court

    The Illinois Supreme Court in the past year kept seven politically connected judges on the Cook County bench after they were rejected by voters, a common practice the high court had pledged to curtail.

    One had given more than $20,000 to the Cook County Democratic Party. Two had connections to Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan. Others have ties to powerful Chicago Democrats who decide who gets the party's support to be judge.

    They weren't the only active Democrats chosen for Circuit Court duty by the high court's three justices from Chicago, all who are Democrats themselves. A Tribune review also found the court reappointed three judges who dropped out of judicial races, making room for the Democratic Party's favored candidate.

    And the Supreme Court lies and misleads the Illinois citizenry by saying one thing and doing another:

    Last year the Tribune revealed the court had recalled to the bench 18 judges who lost elections since 2000 — many of them active Democrats. In response to that story, the Supreme Court said it had recently decided to stop recalling losing judges and provided a June 2011 letter from Chief Justice Thomas Kilbride.

    "In short, our court has determined as a matter of administrative policy that non-elected circuit and appellate court judges shall not be considered for recall," Kilbride wrote.

    But the latest Tribune review found the court continued to keep politically connected judges on the bench after election losses by appointing them to specific vacancies — including two judges who were previous beneficiaries of the court's recall practice.

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