Court: Rape victim can sue after being arrested and denied contraception

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    Raw Story: Court: Rape victim can sue after being arrested and denied contraception
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    If the idiot had a problem with it, she could have let someone else hand the rape victim the meds. At this point, this is an abuse of the power she has over an inmate. I hope she loses her *ss. Seems to me this whole thing was sick. The person was there for rape treatment, and you then compound things by running her in? If it was so all fired important, they could have made the trip to her house at any time before this. But it was not important THEN, was it? This is a disgusting practice and all who participated in it were nothing but pigs.
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    This employee is going to not like what happens in the end, and most likely will pay dearly (mid 6 figures at the least), I hope there religious beliefs give them the solace to deal with the "burdens" they have put on themselves.

    Couple of pharmacies in the Dallas area over the past couple of years have had pharmacists pull stunts like this. Every instance made local news and in-sighted a :trash: storm of opinions (From far left to far right... overall opinion the pharmacist was in the wrong). In the end the pharmacists got sanctioned by the state, and at least one had there license revoked. I don't remember exact figures but each case settlements were in the 6 figures range. Partially this is why eckards went out of business in Texas is due to a couple of these type scenarios back to back in a very short time.

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