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Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Frank, Feb 23, 2012.

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    I recently flew AA since I could find NOS free gates on their flights that fit my itinerary. Turns out their flight crews may be among the most hostile out there. It may be related to the bankruptcy or working conditions, but either way these folks are real jerks. Definitely not your father's AA anymore.
  3. Dude, I have totally had a passport that was bent from having it in my back pocket. Who hasn't? Maybe posh folks who stay at hotels can manage to keep it tucked safely in a special compartment at all times, but anybody who has backpacked around, stayed in hostels, slept on train platforms, volunteered in a rugged rural area, etc. has been in a situation where it had to go in their back pocket for a little while.

    Is this really damaging government property? Really? Wear and tear on a document that gets a lot of mileage? I know it's the airline who made an issue, but the article is a little absurd. But then, I'm a throwback to before we had a police state.
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